NS Flex Traject Vrij

Up to and over the border

Do you often travel to Belgium or Germany? With NS Flex Traject Vrij in combination with a foreign subscription, you can purchase the Dutch part of your route. With this subscription, you can travel unlimited on a fixed route in the Netherlands up to the border with Belgium or Germany.
NS Flex Traject Vrij is available to or from the following border points:
  • Hazeldonk
  • Roosendaal
  • Emmerich
  • Bad Bentheim

NS Flex Traject Vrij (to a number of stations across the border):

Via Weener border (for travelling with Arriva)

  • Weener
  • Leer

Via Gronau border (for travelling with DB Regio)

  • Gronau

Via Emmerich border (for travelling with VIAS)

  • Emmerich-Elten
  • Emmerich Hbf
  • Emmerich Praest

Via Herzogenrath border (for travelling with Arriva)

  • Herzogenrath
  • Aachen West
  • Aachen Hbf

Travel across borders with any carrier

You may travel with any carrier on the chosen route. Make sure you check out with any other carrier before checking in with NS. This is because the moment you take the train in the Netherlands, with which you then cross the border, you must be checked in with NS. Once back in the Netherlands, you must check out with NS before continuing your journey with any other carrier.


Make sure you have a valid ticket for the Belgian/German part of your journey. During ticket control, you must be able to show the Dutch and foreign ticket. This ticket allows you to check in and out with the carrier in question. There are also OV-chip poles at stations across the border for this purpose. You do not have to check in or out at the border point.

    Extra advantages of NS Flex Traject Vrij

    • 40% discount in off-peak hours (when not on the route)
    • 40% discount for 3 fellow travellers

    You can travel with a 40% discount during off-peak hours on routes not included in your Traject Vrij subscription. You will need to do the following:

    • When purchasing your international ticket via NSInternational.nl, you must choose the option ‘40% discount in the Netherlands'.
    • Are you buying your international ticket via a NS self-service ticket machine? Then choose the option ‘NS route with discount’.

    Order NS Flex Traject Vrij

    Connected subscription foreign part of the trip

    For the foreign part of your journey there are several subscriptions available that can combined with NS Flex Traject Vrij.

    Subscription Roosendaal/Maastricht

    Do you frequently travel from Roosendaal or Maastricht? You also have the possibility to purchase a subscription from NMBS. For the first purchase, you must go to a counter of the NMBS. After that, the renewals can be retrieved via internet or the NMBS ticket vending machines which can also be found at Roosendaal and Maastricht station. It is possible to pay with Dutch debit cards at these ticket vending machines.

    NS subscription - for occasional travel

    Do you only travel to Belgium occasionally and have an NS subscription? Then we recommend buying an international ticket online for your entire train journey. That is: from your boarding station in the Netherlands to your final destination in Belgium. When doing so, please indicate which discount (40% or 100% discount) you are entitled to during your journey.

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