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  • Lowest price when travelling to Belgium by Intercity Brussels
  • Price from € 21 one-way Amsterdam - Antwerp 2nd class
  • Can be booked up to 3 days before departure, limited availability

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    Book early and travel to Belgium for less

    Spend a day in Antwerp? Weekend getaway in Mechelen or Leuven? Or a nice stroll on the beach… Book at least 3 days before departure and you will travel for the lowest price to the whole of Belgium at the quiet times. Availability is limited.

    How does Early Bird work?

    • Book early for the cheapest rates
    • Can only be booked up to 3 days before departure, limited availability
    • You can find the most economical tickets on off-peak hours
    • Book online without booking fee (is not sold in ticket machine)
    • Early Bird tickets are bought for a specific train. Want more flexibility? Then book the full-flex fare, this ticket is valid all day

    More information about Intercity Brussels

    Route Travel time Price Early Bird
    week Mon-Thu
    Price Early Bird
    weekend Fr-Sun
    Amsterdam - Antwerp 1.48 € 21 € 26 Content
    Amsterdam - Brussels 2.47 € 25 € 33 Content
    Amsterdam - Bruges 3.36 € 32 € 39 Content
    Amsterdam - Ghent 3.08 € 32 € 39 Content
    Amsterdam - Mechelen 2.12 € 25 € 33 Content

    Frequently asked questions Early Bird to Belgium

    How much discount do I get with an Early Bird ticket?
    The amount of discount you get depends on when you book and the train you buy a ticket for. On off-peak trains, you will get more discount than on busier trains.
    Do I always get a discount if I book at least 3 days before departure?
    No, the number of cheap tickets per train is limited. If the Early Bird tickets are sold, you can buy tickets at the Flex fare. This allows you to travel flexibly. They are valid on any Intercity Brussels train on the chosen travel day.
    What if I miss the train due to a delay? Is my ticket still valid then?
    If you miss your train due to a delay or calamity, you may travel on the next Intercity Brussels train. If it is known that your booked train will not run, you may also take an earlier train.

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