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  • Lowest price when travelling to Belgium by Intercity Brussels
  • Price from € 21 one-way Amsterdam - Antwerp 2nd class
  • Can be booked up to 7 days before departure

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    Book early and travel to Belgium for less

    Spend a day in Antwerp? Weekend getaway in Mechelen or Leuven? Or a nice stroll on the beach…

    Book at least 7 days before departure and you will travel for the best price anywhere in Belgium. If you travel on a weekday it will be even cheaper.
    Running a bit late? No worries. Just catch a later train. Your ticket gives you access to any Intercity train on the chosen travel date.

    How does Early Bird work?

    • Can only be booked up to 7 days before departure
    • Travel on weekdays for the lowest price
    • Book online without booking fee (is not sold in ticket machine)
    • Unlimited availability
    • Flexible: you can travel with any Intercity train on the travel date

    More information

    Route Travel time Price Early Bird
    week Mon-Thu
    Price Early Bird
    weekend Fr-Sun
    Amsterdam - Antwerp 1.48 € 21 € 26 Content
    Amsterdam - Brussels 2.47 € 25 € 33 Content
    Amsterdam - Bruges 3.36 € 31 € 39 Content
    Amsterdam - Ghent 3.08 € 31 € 39 Content
    Amsterdam - Mechelen 2.12 € 25 € 33 Content

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