Answers to group travel questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about booking a group trip. Is your question not included? Do you need more information? Please call 030-2950884, we will be happy to help you.

The request

Can I book a group trip within the Netherlands using the group travel application form?

No, for domestic group travel you can book your group ticket here. NS International only offers international group travel.

What does 'subject to availability' mean?

The number of available seats determines the capacity for the group and the related group rate. Depending on tickets sold, this availability changes constantly and that is why our offer is determined by the current availability.

Can we also order e-tickets for a group trip online?

No, you can't order tickets online for groups larger than 6 (Germany or further) or 9 people. Let us know what you are looking for via the application form and we will be happy to help you.

What is the minimum group size for a group trip?

In order to be eligible for a group rate, the carriers require that the group consists of at least 10 adults. For Germany and beyond, it is 6 people. Different conditions apply to each carrier for children travelling with them. For Thalys, 2 children count as 1 adult.
This has consequences for the group size. On the application form, you can fill in the age profile of the group.

Can I use my NS subscription or NS discount card for a group trip?

No, due to the special group rates, it is not possible to combine these NS cards with the group rate.

I do not have an address in the Netherlands, do you also send tickets abroad?

No, we do not send tickets to an address abroad. However, we will gladly send the tickets to a contact person (hotel/company/private individual) in the Netherlands.

Can the group members join us on route from various departure stations?

No, all group members must depart from the same departure station.

The booking

How far in advance can I book my group trip?

This differs per carrier:

  • Thalys & TGV & destinations in the Benelux: 4 months before travel date.
  • Eurostar: 6 months before departure.
  • Germany destinations & destinations via Germany: As of 15 October, up to one year in advance.

Would you like to book further ahead of time? Let us know what you are looking for via the application form. You will receive a free quote with (preliminary) times and prices by email. We will monitor the progress for you and as soon as possible, we will consult with you and book your trip.

We want to sit together as a group. Is that possible?

We always do our very best to keep a group together. If availability does not allow it (anymore), we will discuss the possible alternatives with you.

Why is there occasionally a price difference between quotation and booking?

The number of people on the train, the popularity of the route and the travel time determine the available seat capacity and the fares on a route. This constantly changes due to sales. As a result, it can happen that in the time between quotation and booking our offer is no longer available. We will always discuss this with you.

Do I have to provide all the individual personal data of the group members in a group booking?

No, the individual personal data of all group members are not required because group tickets are registered on a collective name.

Do I have to pay immediately at the time of booking?

No, you do not have to pay directly. We want to receive your payment at least 3 weeks before departure. This way, you will receive your tickets on time. Are you travelling within 3 weeks after booking? Then you do need to pay immediately. In some cases, there is a down payment. If this is the case, we always mention it in our offer so you know what to expect.

Is there catering on board?

There is catering on board all trains, but the offer varies per carrier. For larger groups, you can arrange and purchase the catering in advance from the carrier.

Does everyone get their own group ticket?

With the exception of German destinations and destinations via Germany, everyone travels with their own group ticket. For German destinations and destinations via Germany there is one main ticket with the corresponding so-called "participant tickets" for all group members.

How shortly before the travel date can I book my trip?

You can book a group trip up to 10 working days before departure, subject to availability.

Rebooking and cancellations

Can we add extra group members to our group booking after booking our group trip?

Yes, you can. A new offer will then be made for the entire group. However, it is possible that in the meantime seats are no longer available and that a higher rate applies for the total group. Depending on the number of group members to be booked, we advise you to book individual tickets online separately.

Can I amend or cancel my booked group trip?

Yes, it is possible to amend or cancel according to the conditions mentioned in our offer. These terms and conditions will apply after we have confirmed your booking order.


How soon will the group tickets be delivered?

We send our paper group tickets by registered mail to the (Dutch) address you provided 14 days before departure.

Do I have to be at home when the tickets are delivered and do I need to identify myself?

You do not need to identify yourself, but you do need to sign a receipt.

Can I change the previously specified postal address?

Yes, this is possible if you inform us of the changed delivery address at least 15 days before departure. Please always provide us with our offer number when you make the change, so we can make sure we are changing the correct details for you.

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