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Weekend getaway Düsseldorf

City trip to Düsseldorf with ICE International

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Quickly to the heart of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is probably not the first city you’ll think of when planning a city trip. For many, a weekend to Düsseldorf is therefore a voyage of discovery. For years, Düsseldorf has been among the most desirable cities in the world with respect to quality of life. This city has historic districts as well as districts with modern influences and a beautiful harbour and promenade besides the Rhine. A weekend Düsseldorf offers something for everyone.


With the Welcome Card that is available in Düsseldorf, you can travel around the city for free with public transportation and you will get a lot of discount at different museums, tourist attractions and other leisure activities. Düsseldorf is located along the Rhine and you can discover the city per boat and see it from an entirely different perspective.

Cultural Düsseldorf

A majority of Düsseldorf’s historic heritage was lost during the war, but thanks to the way it was rebuilt, the city has regained much of its cosy, historic and classic look. The combination of historic and modern gives the city a certain diversity that cannot be found elsewhere. Visiting the Aldtstadt during your stay will give you an even better picture of this.

The Palace and Benrath Park

The same atmosphere can be found at the palace and park of Benrath in Düsseldorf as Versailles. Benrath Palace lies in the southern district of Düsseldorf that holds the same name and was built between 1756 and 1773 by Nicolas de Pigage. The palace is a true piece of art that combines art, landscape and nature. If you like art and historic buildings, then you will certainly want to visit this palace.

With a guide through the city

You can learn more of the city’s history and visit one of the many museums in Düsseldorf by taking a guided tour. For example, you could take a stroll through the trendy district Medienhafen, which is located besides the Rhine and is a stronghold of modern architecture and media. And if you want to go shopping you can visit the area surrounding of the King Allee.

Beer tasting Düsseldorf

Germany and beer are synonyms. A trip to Düsseldorf is therefore not complete if you haven’t tasted a Düsseldorfer Alt. Visit one of the many breweries in the old part of Düsseldorf and get acquainted with this dark, spicy type of beer.

Brauerei im Füchschen: Ratingerstraße 28
Hausbrauerei Zum Schlüssel: Bolkerstraße 41-47
Brauerei Schumacher: Oststraße 123
Brauerei Uerige: Berger Strasse 1

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Weekend getaway Düsseldorf

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