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Walking around Düsseldorf

Stroll through the charming streets of the old town Altstadt, discover the nicest shopping streets or take a relaxing stroll through Hofgarten city park. Düsseldorf has many great walking routes that take you past the city's highlights. We gladly share them with you.
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1. Go on a shopping spree in Düsseldorf

Stroll through the luxurious Schadow-Arkaden shopping centre and browse the countless market stalls at the permanently covered market in the Carlstadt district. You can enjoy the many beautiful old buildings, such as the Castle Tower and the Rathaus. There you will also find welcoming pavement cafés on Burgplatz and Marktplatz. After the Alter Hafen, you can visit the Stadtmuseum with its beautiful garden.During this city walk, you will also explore the elegant shops on the Köningsallee. Besides many shopping stores, you will also pass a nice part of the city park Hofgarten and stroll along the banks of the Rhine on this tour.

Going for a day of shopping in Düsseldorf and travelling by train? The Düsseldorf shopping tour starts at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof and runs from station to station. You will discover Düsseldorf's best shopping highlights on this 7-kilometre walking tour.
Download the free shop tour (Dutch)

2. Walk through the Altstadt district

Not so into shopping? The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is more than just the fancy Köningsallee or the busy Schadowstrasse. Lovers of architecture, nightlife, art and culture also get their money's worth here. The Altstadt walking route will first take you through the old Carlstadt district and then to the lively Altstadt district. This oldest part of Düsseldorf is full of nice cafés and restaurants and is also known as the world's longest pub.

This walking tour starts at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof and runs from station to station along a 10-kilometre route. Ideal if you talking the train for one day out and about in Düsseldorf! Download the free walking tour in Altstadt (Dutch)

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3. City walk through parks and along the Rhine

Do you prefer nature? Then stroll along the banks of the Rhine on the Rhine Promenade: a beautiful riverside promenade. Or take a relaxing stroll and admire Hofgarten, Germany's oldest public park. The huge city park covers a staggering 28 hectares. Enjoy centuries-old trees, lakes with water birds and historical monuments. Are you on a city break with children? They will have plenty of fun at the two playgrounds.

4. Historic architecture

Most of historic Düsseldorf was lost during the war, but reconstruction still gives the city a snug, historic and classic feel. The combination of historic and modern gives the city a diversity you are not likely to find anywhere else. Visit the old Altstadt district and admire the old town hall and the equestrian statue at Marktplatz. Or visit St Lambert's Church, a Roman Catholic church dating back to 1159.
Want to discover more about the city's history? Then visit the Stadtmuseum and discover Düsseldorf's past.

Go to Düsseldorf by train

Enthusiastic about these walks? In just over two hours, ICE International will take you directly from Amsterdam Centraal to this welcoming and historic German city. You will arrive at the centrally located Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, where most of the walking routes start. So once in Düsseldorf, you can start your city trip right away. So convenient!

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Walking tours Düsseldorf

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