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Tips for shopping in Antwerp

Antwerp is bursting with singular, authentic shops, as well as the big well-known retailers. On the Meir, Antwerp's most famous shopping street, you can shop for well-known brands, and in the Fashion District you can shop for luxury brands. Are you more into unique finds? Then you are in the right city. Shopping in Antwerp is a real treat!
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Shopping in the centre of Antwerp

Where is the best place to shop in Antwerp? This depends on what you are looking for. A good starting point is the centre of Antwerp, within walking distance of Antwerp Central Station. Here you will find the famous Meir, the longest shopping street in the city which is mostly filled with the well-known chain stores.
If you go shopping on the Meir, you should definitely drop by the Stadsfeestzaal Shopping Mall. This beautiful shopping centre will undoubtedly amaze you.

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Antwerp's shopping hotspots

If you prefer smaller boutiques, take a stroll down Kammenstraat for some unique shops. And the car-free shopping zone 'de Wilde Zee’ is also a must-visit as well as the Groenplaats. In the Kloosterstraat, you can shop for antiques, vintage and brocante.

Antwerp Fashion City

Antwerp has long been known as the fashion city of Belgium. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts with a Fashion specialisation is located in the city. There is a reason that the greatest Flemish designers come from Antwerp. Do you want to shop for high fashion? Then the Fashion District is the shopping area for you. Here, you will find many Flemish designers such as Ann de Meulemeester, Dries van Noten and Dirk Bikkembergs. But you will also find plenty of international fashion brands.

Shopping on Sundays in Antwerp

Do you want to go shopping on a Sunday? The shops in Antwerp are open on the first Sunday of every month. The shops are closed the remaining Sundays. Please note that if you do go shopping on a Sunday, that most shops only open after noon.

Antwerp shopping opening hours

Monday through Saturday, you can shop between 9.30 and 18.00 hrs. Pretty much all shops are open then, both on the Meir and the other shopping areas in Antwerp.

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A day of shopping in Antwerp by train

It is very easy to travel to the centre of Antwerp by train from the Netherlands. So the train is a very obvious choice. You will not get stuck in traffic, you will not have to park your car and on the way back you will have all the space you need to store your purchases on the overhead rack. You will be able to relax and unwind after a great day of shopping.

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Shopping in Antwerp

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