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Walking tours in Antwerp

Special city walks through Antwerp

Amai! The destination across the border for culture, architecture, fashion and shopping. And in this beautiful city, they really know how to enjoy the good life!
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Customised walking tours

Walking in Antwerp is the ideal way to explore the city. On foot, you will discover all the special places and hidden gems.

Our tips:

    Walking through the Jewish district of Antwerp

    The Jewish district in Antwerp is a fascinating part of the city where you can take a very nice walk. Set off on your own or take a guided tour. A walk through the Jewish district will undoubtedly surprise you. Visit Antwerpen offers an interesting walk through what they call Jerusalem. You can book this tour here.

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      Walking through the Ruien of Antwerp

      One of the most popular walking routes in the centre of Antwerp is the Ruien Antwerpen walk. The Ruien is an extensive network of waterways hidden under the streets of the city centre. Once, these waters flowed through Antwerp in the open air. In time, the Ruien were covered and fell into disuse. Fortunately, they have now been rediscovered and you can take a guided Ruien walk. On the way, you will see the original bridges, canals and locks and you will really step into the past of Antwerp. A special walking tour through the centre of Antwerp that you must experience.
      Book your tickets for the Antwerp Ruins Walk here

      Diamond district walk

      The Antwerp Diamond district is the area around the central station. In the 19th century, this district was the epicentre of the diamond trade. Nowadays, many diamond merchants and jewellers are still based in the district and there is still a lot of international trade. Would you like to hear more about this? Then take a guided walk through the diamond district in Antwerp. In an hour and a half you will learn all about this interesting district and you will come across places that you probably would not have found on your own.
      You can book a walk through the Diamond district with Visit Antwerpen.

      Graffiti walk Antwerp

      The Berchem neighbourhood is bursting with beautiful graffiti, or street art. Here you will find one of the longest graffiti murals in Europe. Visit Antwerpen set out an 11-kilometres graffiti walk through Berchem Antwerp. On the way, you will walk past the most beautiful works and discover other hidden gems in this district. Antwerp is also featured in the Street Art app. The app shows photos of street art and the locations where you can see the art.
      Read more about the graffiti walk

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      Walking in the forest in Antwerp

      Would you rather go out into nature? Then walking in the woods in Antwerp is a good idea. On the left bank of the river Scheldt, right opposite the MAS, are the Sint-Annabos, the Parkbos Antwerpen and the Vlietbos. These forests lie next to each other. So, if you want to go for a walk in the Antwerp forest, this part of the city is a good choice. Behind these woods is the Blokkersdijk, a nature reserve with an area of 100 hectares. Especially bird watchers like to walk here because there are many bird species to admire. The Blokkersdijk is free to visit but it is also possible to walk in the area with a guide.

      Travel to Antwerp by train

      The most relaxing way to start your city trip to Antwerp is by train. You get on a train at a station near you, and get off in the heart of Antwerp.
      You can take Intercity Brussels to Antwerp. This train leaves every hour directly from Amsterdam Central Station and you do not need to make a reservation. Eurostar also travels to Antwerp. The earlier you book, the lower the price. You will then automatically have a reserved seat.
      Find out more about booking tickets to Antwerp

      Walking tours Antwerp

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