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The best walking tours through Ghent

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Walking through the city of Ghent is like walking in an open-air museum. Imagine yourself back in time in Castle Gravensteen or view the skyline from the centuries-old figurehead Belfry. Shopping, culture and food lovers will also get their fill. We have listed the best walking routes in Ghent, so you can discover the city in a unique way!
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Walk from station to station

Discover the lively, historic city centre and green city parks with this free city walk through Ghent. Start at the monumental Sint-Pieters train station and then walk through quiet residential areas to the beautiful Groenevalleipark. Then walk down the characteristic narrow streets of the old town and admire Ghent's historic sights.
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Historical city walk through the city centre

Are you in Ghent and would like to see all the sights in one walk? Then take a historical walk through the inner city of Ghent. See the 500-year-old Saint Bavo Cathedral, the imposing Saint Nicholas Church and climb the steps of the Belfry. Then visit the Huis van Alijn museum and experience what daily life was like in Ghent in the 20th century.

Discover street art on a city walk

Looking for an original walking tour in Ghent? Discover colourful artworks scattered all over the city with the Sorry, Not Sorry Street Art walking tour. This alternative walk in Ghent will take you past extraordinary graffiti art by street artists who use the city as their canvas.
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Go exploring on a children's walk

Walking through the city can also be great fun for children. This is proven by the children's walk Wonderlijke Wandeling. This science walk teaches children about Ghent's history and culture in a playful way. The walk is 2.7 kilometres and specially designed for children between the ages of 9 and 14.
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Take a nature walk

Would you like to go for a nature walk? Then stroll through the various green city parks such as Citadel Park or King Albert Park. Or take a forest walk in the Park Forest, about four kilometres south of the city centre. Do you like water? Then go for a walk along the banks of the Leie, the largest river in the Flemish city.

A culinary stroll through the medieval Patershol

Delve into the past while enjoying culinary delights on a city walk through the medieval Patershol district. Over the years, Patershol's former residents have been replaced by numerous cafés and restaurants.
Stroll down centuries-old picturesque streets and then take a seat at a restaurant overlooking the river Lys.  

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Romantic evening stroll

End your day with a romantic stroll through Ghent. Via the walking route Ghent Illuminated, you will discover the city's magical evening landscape. The most important monuments, streets and squares are illuminated in an aesthetic and sustainable way. The free city walk is 3.2 kilometres and takes about two hours, depending on your own pace and the number of stops.
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Discover the walking tours of Ghent by train

Feeling enthusiastic about these walks? In just over two hours, you can travel from Amsterdam Central Station to the centre of Ghent. Here you will get off at Sint-Pieters station, where most of the walking tours start. Or switch to public transport and start your walks elsewhere in the city.
If you travel with Intercity Brussels you will eb there in 3.08 hours. Book at least 3 days before departure and you can benefit from the bargain Early Bird rate. The availability is limited.

With Eurostar you will get from Amsterdam to Ghent in 2.17 hours. The cheapest one-way, second class ticket for this route is € 37 .
Tip! Book from the nearest station. The outbound journey has a fixed maximum price for second class of € 9 and for first class of € 15. Moreover, this way you only have to check in once and will receive travel information for the entire journey. The sooner you book, the lower the price of the train tickets. You can book Eurostar 7 months in advance.

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