Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp Central Station, also known as Antwerpen Centraal or Antwerp CS, is the station where trains from the Netherlands arrive in Antwerp. With Eurostar or the Intercity Brussels you can travel from Schiphol, Amsterdam and Breda directly to Antwerp Central Station.

Shops at Antwerp Central

You will find various shops at Antwerp central. You can buy forgotten toiletries at Yves Rocher or the pharmacy and buy a good book at the Relay. There is also a shopping zone right outside the station. A broad boulevard full of shops and catering establishments runs straight through the Diamond District and Chinatown. Here, you will mostly find well-known chains and a number of local restaurants.

Food and drinks at Antwerp Central

If your train is delayed or if you still have some time to kill before your train leaves Antwerp Central, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants at the station. Café-Basserie Royal, Einstein Koffie and Starbucks serve coffee and other hot beverages. Are you hungry? Then Yam Yam, Panos, Döner Company and Frituur Centraal undoubtedly have something to your taste. At Delhaize supermarkt you can buy sandwiches, drinks and other groceries for the road.

Changing trains at Antwerp train station

From Antwerp, you can easily travel on to the rest of Belgium. Via our itinerary planner you can see how to travel from the Netherlands via Antwerp to, for example Ghent or Bruges. Here, you can also check how much time you have at Antwerp Central to catch your connecting train.
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Practical Information Antwerp Central

Bicycle rental Antwerp station

Fietspunt Antwerpen Centraal is located in the central station and you can rent bikes here immediately upon arrival. You can find Fietspunt on the side of Astridplein. Another bicycle rental service near Antwerp station is Velo. These are bikes that are parked outside the station which you can rent on the spot. All you have to do is request a day or week pass via Velo's website. You can then pick up your bicycle from the bike rack. On the Velo website, you can also see where the bicycle rental is located near Antwerp Station.
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Lost and found

Did you lose something during your trip or on the platform of Antwerp Central Station? Then fill in this form on the website of Belgische Spoorwegen. Do this as soon as possible after you discovered that you have lost something. Did you forget something on the bus in Antwerp? Then contact De Lijn Antwerp. De Lijn's lost property department will immediately set to work to find your belongings. You can find the contact details of De Lijn here.

Storing luggage

You can safely store your luggage in a special luggage locker at Antwerp CS. You can rent the luggage lockers for at least one day. Various sizes are available for both large suitcases and small bags. Use this form to rent a locker at Antwerp Central Station.

Train departures Antwerp central

Both Eurostar and Intercity Brussels to the Netherlands depart from track 22 at Antwerp Central Station. Track 22 is on level -2. Occasionally, the trains from Antwerp to the Netherlands will also depart from track 23. This track is located directly next to it, so you will immediately know which platform is correct.

Floor plan Antwerp central station

All facilities and services at Antwerp central train station can be found on the floor plan.

In the Antwerp Central Station area

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