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Weekend Vienna

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Tips for a city trip to Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is a popular tourist destination because of its historic yet playful architecture, music and art. Some of the city's most popular tourist attractions include the Hofburg Palace, the Vienna State Opera and Schönbrunn Palace. Vienna is also an important shopping destination, with a wide range of shops and boutiques. It is a delightful city to walk around in.

To Vienna by train

You can easily reach Vienna by train from the Netherlands. The trip from Amsterdam with ICE International takes 12.07 hours and you only have to change trains once. Take the night train, and you will not have to change trains and you will travel to Vienna while you sleep. And for all trains: the earlier you book, the lower the price!

A culinary weekend

Vienna's huge list of restaurants includes some of the best restaurants in the country and perhaps even Europe. Taste classic dishes like Wiener Schnitzel and Tafelspitz, or opt for more modern dishes. You can also choose from atmospheric catering establishments for breakfast and lunch. In the coffee houses, treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee with a slice of Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel.

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The world's oldest zoo

Vienna Zoo, officially called the Schönbrunn Zoo, is the oldest zoo in the world. The zoo's 4,500 animals live in the gardens of the imposing Schloss Schönbrunn, a green oasis in the city. Founded by the imperial family, the zoo has been open to the public since 1781. You can come face to face with over seven hundred animal species, from tiny frogs to huge elephants.

A cultural and historical weekend

Vienna has been one of Austria's most important cities for culture and politics since the Middle Ages. You will therefore find many historical sights. Visit Schönbrunn Palace, the former home of the influential Habsburg family. Or Hofburg Palace, where emperors lived for a long time. Get a city map from the tourist office and take a stroll along the many sights. Do you like music? Then you can choose from many (classical) concerts in beautiful halls. For more culture, visit the many museums in Vienna. Admire a large art collection at the Kunsthistorisches Museum or travel back to prehistory at the Natural History Museum.

Staying overnight during a city break in Vienna

Stay one night or, even better, several nights in Vienna during your city break. There is plenty of choice, from cheap hostels to palatial 5-star hotels. For a more personal touch, stay in one of the bed & breakfasts or a boutique hotel. Opting for city-centre accommodation? Then take a stroll through the atmospherically lit streets before bed.
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Discover Vienna by bicycle

Thanks to the many cycle paths, you can discover the city perfectly by bike. You will see a bit more than if you travel to the sights on foot. And you will experience the city better than if you were on a bus. Cycle from sight to sight with the help of one of the cycle routes or find peace and quiet along the river or in the park. Vienna's surroundings are also great for cycling, for example along the banks of the Danube.
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Tips for a budget-friendly stay in Vienna

Your trip to Vienna is extra affordable if you book early. This applies to train travel as well as accommodation. Use these tips to book your trip as cheaply as possible :

  • Book as early as possible
  • Choose a non-flex ticket (note: you cannot change or cancel it later)
  • Book online to save booking fees
  • For a weekend in Vienna, go from Saturday to Monday instead of from Friday to Sunday
  • Read all the tips to get the best rates

Weekend Vienna

From € 35