Take the night train to Vienna

Those travelling to Vienna can look forward to an abundance of culture and rich history. It is one of Europe's most romantic and beautiful cities. You can relax with a newspaper, a pastry and an espresso, which, according to UNESCO, is an official pastime in Vienna.

After arriving by night train, you can stretch your legs as you stroll past beautiful buildings in a variety of styles, such as the Imperial Palace or the State Opera. The lively streets of the Old Town are filled with a wealth of cafés that are never empty, and the atmosphere of the city will take you back to the days of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss.

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    Sleeper train to Vienna

    Travelling by night train is the way to get to Vienna and other destinations in Austria. In the evening, you board the train in the Netherlands to arrive at your destination the next morning well-rested and refreshed.

    After a comfortable night on the Nightjet, wake up at Vienna's modern central station. This station immediately proves that Vienna has more than just historical architecture to offer. The city effortlessly combines the charm of bygone times with the vibrancy of a modern metropolis. Every visitor will immediately feel at ease.

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    Sleeping compartment and couchettes or seats on the Nightjet

    The night train to Vienna offers a relaxing way to travel, sleeping while covering the distance. The sleeper train to Vienna, known as the Nightjet, offers several accommodation options to suit your needs.

    You can opt for a sleeper compartment, where you can sleep in peace. For a slightly cheaper option, reclining seats are available, which are also comfortable for overnight travel. There are also seats for those who prefer to travel sitting upright or for shorter distances.

    Luxury couchettes in a 2-person deluxe compartment

    For those seeking extra comfort, the night train to Vienna offers luxury accommodation in a 2-couchette deluxe compartment. These deluxe sleeping compartments have a private washbasin, shower, and toilet, providing every possible comfort. Travelling in a Deluxe Sleeping Carriage means enjoying a relaxing and refreshing journey and arriving well-rested in Vienna.

    Train from Amsterdam, Utrecht or Arnhem to Vienna

    The night train to Vienna departs from several cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem. This makes it easy to find a departure point that suits you. From these cities, you can travel directly to Vienna without the stress of changing trains or long waiting times.

    Departure and arrival times from the Netherlands are very convenient. You will not have to leave too late, and you will not arrive too early. This means you can get a good night's sleep without changing trains late in the evening or early in the morning.

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    Nightjet prices

    The Nightjet prices to Vienna vary depending on the chosen accommodation and the time of booking. The lowest rate is € 35. This is for a seat on the night train. It is advisable to book your tickets well in advance to ensure the best prices and availability.

    Book your tickets via NS International today and and discover the ease and luxury of Nightjet Vienna.

    Benefits travelling by train

    • Direct boarding withous fuss
    • Enjoy a spacious seating area
    • Pass traffic jams leisurely
    • Get off in the heart of the city
    • Sustainable and comfortable travel

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