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Restaurants in Vienna

Austria's capital Vienna offers a wide choice of restaurants. Enjoy breakfast in a photogenic location, lunch in a tropical atmosphere or dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant. We have listed the most special and best restaurants in Vienna for you.
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Breakfast in Vienna

Frühstückssalon Das Augustin

Eating in Vienna is not just something you do in the evenings. The catering establishments also serve breakfast. Take a seat at Frühstückssalon Das Augustin. Every weekend, you can choose from seven different breakfasts here. You can also create your own breakfast from, for example, fruit salads, eggs and pancakes.
Address: Märzstraße 67

Daniel Bakery

Throughout the week, you can go for breakfast at Daniel Bakery in Hotel Daniel. You can create your own breakfast from the buffet, where you can choose from many sweet and savoury delicacies. The charming breakfast room with many plants welcomes not only hotel guests, but also other visitors and locals.
Address: Landstraßer Gürtel 5

Lunch in Vienna

Budapest Bistro

The Budapest Bistro serves traditional Austrian lunches. In the elegant white building, choose from a variety of lunch dishes using mostly home-made ingredients. There is also plenty of choice for vegetarians and vegans. Would you just like a cup of tea or coffee? That is also possible here.
Address: Pilgramgasse 10


In the Palmenhaus, you can imagine yourself in another, tropical world. Under the strikingly high ceiling, you can have lunch among palm trees and many other plant species. Order a soup, sandwich or other lunch dish. After lunch, you can visit the butterfly garden.
Address: Burggarten 1

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Italian restaurants and pizzeria's

Disco Volante

When entering restaurant Disco Volante your attention is probably drawn directly to the pizza oven. This one is disguised as a huge disco ball. You will enjoy delicious sourdough pizzas and other Italian specialities such as prosciutto crudo. Be sure to also try the espresso before you leave.
Address: Gumpendorfer Straße 98

I Carusi

At I Carusi, you will find classic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, as well as surprising dishes with fish, chicken and beef. You can dine inside or on the terrace. Be sure to order a glass of wine with it, as this restaurant is known for its extensive wine list.
Address: Kirchengasse 21

Via Toledo

Via Toledo is arguably the best pizzeria not just in Vienna. Its owner was named World Pizza Champion. For delicious pizza, this stylishly decorated Italian restaurant is the place to be. Taste the chef's (inter)national award-winning secret recipes.
Address: Laudongasse 13


Less known but no less loved is Pizzeria Francesco. There are so many tasty-sounding traditional Italian dishes on the menu that it will be hard to choose. Will you go for a lavish pizza or will you opt for a plate of ravioli, gnocchi or cannelloni? And remember to leave some room for dessert.
Address: Währinger Straße 66

Schnitzel restaurant in Vienna


Restaurant Figlmüller is probably Vienna's best-known and busiest schnitzel restaurant. Here, the schnitzels are still baked according to a recipe that is more than 100 years old. The Figlmüller Schnitzel is made of pork and quite large. If you want to eat here, reserve a table in advance.
Address: Bäckerstraße 6 en Wollzeile 5

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Schnitzelrestaurant Lugeck is less crowded than Restaurant Figlmüller, but the schnitzels there are certainly no less good. In the palatial building, you can also try other typical Austrian dishes. The restaurant is also known for the delicious steaks and burgers it serves.
Address: Lugeck 4



You can eat sushi at Dots, a restaurant chain where there is plenty of experimentation in sushi preparation. The restaurant has a modern indoor area and a covered and attractively lit outdoor area. You can enjoy delicious Japanese food as well as colourful cocktails.
Address: Mariahilfer Straße 103 Website:


At KitchA, guests can watch while the sushi chef makes the sushi rolls. You will see Chinese, Japanese and Austrian influences in the sushi and other dishes. Do not eat too much during the main meal, as the sweet desserts are very popular.
Address: Vorlaufstraße 2

Trendy restaurants in Vienna


Restaurant Amerlingbeisl is known for its cosy courtyard garden/terrace. Here, you can be completely cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying delicious local dishes. Opt for a healthy salad or a traditional schnitzel.
Address: Stiftgasse 8

Aurora Rooftop Bar

Enjoy a bite to eat and a drink overlooking Vienna's industrial district from the rooftop of the Andaz hotel. Here, on the 16th floor in the Aurora Rooftop Bar, you can drink delicious cocktails which taste even better at sunset.
Address: Arsenalstrasse 10

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Travel to Vienna by train

The above restaurants are perfect to visit during a city break to Vienna. You can easily reach Vienna by train from the Netherlands. The trip from Amsterdam with ICE International takes 12.07 hours and you only have to change trains once. On your trip during the day, you can enjoy the constantly changing view. Take the night train, and you will not have to change trains and you will travel to Vienna while you sleep. And for all trains: the earlier you book, the lower the price!

Restaurants in Vienna

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