Holiday in Barcelona

More and more travellers understand they can reach Barcelona by train. Travel time from Amsterdam to Barcelona is 11.10 hours. Fortunately, you only have to change trains once along the way. Because of the slightly longer travel time compared to other European destinations, it is great to stay a little longer in the Catalan capital. So, then it becomes a holiday rather than a weekend getaway.  

Camping, a hotel or a self-catering flat? You have plenty of options in Barcelona. Just like the countless attractions in the city and outside the city. We gladly share tips on where to stay and what to do during your holiday in Barcelona.

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A week at the beach in Barcelona

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has several beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The city has a unique and vibrant atmosphere that you will be hard-pressed to find its equal. Barcelona is brimming with culture, history and creativity. It offers the perfect combination of a vibrant city and beach fun. This irresistible charm keeps visitors coming back again and again.

Camping in Barcelona during your holiday

If you enjoy camping, there are several campsites available in and around Barcelona. Some of the popular campsites are Camping Barcelona and Camping 3 Estrellas. These campsites offer facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and restaurants and are a short distance from the centre of Barcelona.

At these campsites, you can also rent tents, caravans or log cabins. These campsites often offer different types of accommodation. For example, some campsites offer the possibility of renting a furnished tent, equipped with beds, furniture and kitchenware. This is especially convenient if you are travelling by train and cannot take all your camping gear with you. In addition, many campsites offer mobile homes and bungalows for rent. These accommodations are fully equipped and often offer more comfort than a (furnished) tent.

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Renting a flat in Barcelona

If you are looking for an alternative to a hotel during your holiday in Barcelona, consider renting a self-catering flat. There are many websites where you can find flats in Barcelona, such as Airbnb and You can look for an apartment close to the main sights and attractions, or slightly further away to enjoy some more peace and privacy.

Explore the coast by train

There are several train routes along Barcelona's coast that allow you to visit different beaches. One of the most popular routes is the R1 line, which runs from the centre of Barcelona to the coastal towns north of the city, such as Badalona, Montgat, El Masnou and Mataró.

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Car rental in Barcelona

If you want more freedom to explore the area while on holiday in Barcelona, consider renting a car in Barcelona. You can then visit cities like Girona or some more secluded beaches where you can sunbathe in peace. There are many rental companies in the city. However, remember that traffic in Barcelona can be very busy and parking can be tricky.

Sightseeing in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a rich history, splendid architecture, plenty of delicious tapas bars and nice hotels. Culture lovers often have no idea what to visit first. One thing is certain: it will likely be something by architect Antoni Gaudí. Be it a church, park or house.  
But there is so much more, as Barcelona is also home to famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

FC Barcelona stadium: Camp Nou

If you love football, you can take a guided tour of Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's football stadium. With a seating capacity of 115,000, Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe. Are you in Barcelona during the football season? Then check well in advance if you can score tickets to a match.

Highlights and activities for children

In Barcelona, there are many activities and attractions that are fun for children, such as the Barcelona Aquarium, the Science Museum and the Barcelona Zoo. You can also take the cable car up to Montjuïc, where you will have great views of the city. At the foot of Montjuïc you will find Font Magica, a spectacle of music, water and light. This takes place several days a week in the evening and is a must-see for children.
Read which other attractions you should not miss

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Travel to Barcelona by train

From the Netherlands, you can reach Barcelona easily by train. From Amsterdam Centraal, you only need to change trains in Paris. There, you change from Eurostar to a TGV train. Travel time from Amsterdam Centraal to Barcelona Sants is 11.10 hours. Ideal for an extended weekend getaway or holiday to Barcelona.

Advantages of travelling by train

Board the train without any hassle, enjoy a spacious seat, speed past traffic jams and travel to Barcelona in a sustainable way. And while travelling by train you can enjoy stunning views.  

Book your holiday to Barcelona

It is wise to check in advance the availability and prices of the various accommodation options at campsites near Barcelona, so that you can choose the best option for your holiday.


Leave in the morning so that you will be on time to enjoy a paella in the evening.

Holiday Barcelona