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Christmas market in Brussels

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Celebrate Christmas in Brussels

The time leading up to Christmas is always special period in Brussels. The enchantingly decorated city is completely in the Christmas spirit. While doing your Christmas shopping, you can take a moment to look at the illuminated Ferris wheel, enjoy the street entertainment or skate on the famous skating rink. Don't forget to visit the Grand-Place of Brussels!

Your Christmas trip to Brussels with Eurostar

14 times a day Eurostar can bring you from Amsterdam to Brussels in 1.53 hours. You can also board the train at Schiphol or Rotterdam. You can book a one-way ticker for Eurostar from € 29. The sooner you book, the lower the price. View your itinerary using the international planner.

With Intercity Brussels to the Christmas market in Brussels

From € 25 per one-way trip you can travel with the international Intercity from Amsterdam to Brussels. Lowest price when travelling to Belgium by train is Early Bird  It can be booked up to 3 days before departure. Intercity Brussels runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol, Rotterdam CS, Breda, Antwerp to Brussels 16 times a day.

Overview travel times Eurostar to Brussels

Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Brussels 1.53 0 Content Content
Schiphol - Brussels 1.34 0 Content Content
Rotterdam - Brussels 1.10 0 Content Content
Breda - Brussels 1.26 1 Content Content
Antwerp - Brussels 0.34 0 Content Content
Paris - Brussels 1.26 0 Content Content
London - Brussels 2.08 0 Content Content
Eindhoven - Brussels 2.24 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Brussels 2.05 1 Content Content
The Hague - Brussels 1.39 1 Content Content

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Prices Intercity Brussels route Amsterdam - Brussels

Early Bird 100% korting* combined with Early Bird
Amsterdam - Brussels € 25 € 10,50
Rotterdam - Brussels € 19 € 10,50
Breda - Brussels € 14 € 10,50

*Early Bird can be booked up to 3 days before departure. Listed from-prices are based on tickets from Amsterdam Central Station. The price of Intercity Brussels is based on kilometres – if you depart form a station that is closer to Brussels, then the trip is cheaper.

When is the Christmas market in Brussels?

The Christmas market in Brussels will be open from 24 November until 31 December 2023.

What else can you do?

When you're in Brussels there is one thing you can't miss: the 240 chalets Christmas market, named by British tour operators as the most original in Europe. Another spectacle takes place on the Market Square: on New Year's Eve the "most beautiful theatre in the world" will shine - literally.

Christmas market in Brussels

From € 25