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Christmas market in Antwerp

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Celebrate Christmas in Antwerp

From December 8 til January 7, 2024 the centre of Antwerp turns into a festive Christmas village. Wintery scenes, beautiful nativity stalls, twinkling lights and festive Christmas music make for a memorable day trip.

With Intercity Brussels to Christmas market in Antwerp

Voor € 21 you can book your train ticket to Antwerp. This lowest price (Early Bird) can be booked up to 3 days before departure. Intercity Brussels runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol, Rotterdam CS and Breda to Antwerp 16 times a day.

Your Christmas trip to Antwerp with Eurostar

Eurostar will bring you from Amsterdam to Antwerp 14 times a day in 1.15 hours. You can also board the train in Schiphol or Rotterdam. You can book a one-way ticket for Eurostar from € 29. The sooner you book, the lower the price. View your itinerary using the international itinerary planner.

Route Travel times Transfers Header Header
Schiphol - Antwerp 1.33 hours 0 Content Content
Utrecht - Antwerp 1.58 hours 1 Content Content
Amsterdam - Antwerp 1.15 hours 0 Content Content
Eindhoven - Antwerp 1.32 hours 1 Content Content
The Hague - Antwerp 1.36 hours 1 Content Content
Breda - Antwerp 0.34 hours 0 Content Content

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Prices route Amsterdam - Antwerp

Discount NS route Free travel NS route Discount NS route Free travel NS route
2nd class 1st class
Flex rate € 44.30 € 31.50 € 12.30 € 71.40 € 49.80 € 17.50
Early Bird € 21 € 8.50 € 32.50 € 9

*Early Bird can be booked up to 3 days before departure, limited availability. Listed from-prices are based on tickets from Amsterdam Central Station. The price of Intercity Brussels is based on kilometres – if you depart form a station that is closer to Brussels, then the trip is cheaper.

What else can you do?

Not only the old town centre is dominated by Christmas, the museums are also very active during the holiday season. And of course, the numerous cafés in the diamond city are also open.

Christmas market in Antwerp

From € 21