Domestic and international train route with one ticket

Domestic and international train route with one ticket

From Groningen to Paris with Thalys, or from Breda to Germany with Intercity Berlin. On those kinds of routes you will be travelling on domestic and international routes.
Do you travel with an NS subscription in the Netherlands? If you indicate this during the booking process we will include this in the international ticket price. You can purchase your complete trip with NS International. So book your ticket from the nearest station!
Please note: the class of your NS subscription determines the class of your trip within the Netherlands. Do you want to travel in a different class than your discount card indicates? Then load a class change on your card.
The pages below will give you more information about international travel with an NS subscription.

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NS subscriptions and international travel

With an NS subscription or NS product you can also get discount on the Dutch part of your trip when taking an international trip. Check out the conditions!

NS Business Card and international travel

Is the option 'international travel' on your NS Business Card activated? We will gladly let you know how to best book your international trip!

Studentenreisproduct and international travel

With a 'Studentenreisproduct' you are entitled to a 40% or 100% discount on the domestic part of your international train trip. See which conditions apply.

Traject Vrij and international travel

With an international ticket you also get 40% discount on domestic route that is not included in your 'Traject Vrij' subscription.

Keuzedag and international travel

You can also use a 'Keuzedag' for international travel. You get 100% discount on the domestic route. We would like to explain how this works.

Dagproduct on a single-use smart card and international travel

Do you have a 'Dagproduct' on a single-use smart card and want to book an international ticket? On the domestic route you are entitled to a 100% discount.

Border subscription

Travelling by train abroad? View the possiblities of the Border Subscription.

International trains and travelling within the Netherlands

For travel within the Netherlands, you can also use your OV-chipkaart or single-use smart card on NS International trains. Find out which!

International travel and opening gates

On your international trip you will come realise that a lot of Dutch stations have gates. Read all about opening the gates with different types of tickets.