Keuzedag and international travel

Keuzedag and international travel

From the Netherlands to a station abroad

Are you taking an international trip, then your Keuzedag is valid up to the border. If travelling back to the Netherlands on the same day, then your Keuzedag is still valid.

You can book your trip from the departure station in the Netherlands to your final destination with one ticket. On the domestic part of the trip you will be entitled to get a 100% discount*. Please indicate this while booking:

  • Via choose the option '100% discount in the Netherlands'.
  • Via an NS ticket machine: choose the option 'NS route free'.

*Discount does not apply on Thalys and Eurostar trains.

Then you will receive an international ticket which includes the 100% discount.

Please note: when booking the Sparpreis Europa rate to Germany, it is not possible to use your Keuzedag.

On the date of travel you have to check in with your Keuzedag for the domestic part of your trip. This is to validate the pass for travel on that day. You cannot check out at the station abroad. If you load the Keuzedag on your OV-chipkaart, no money will be deducted from your balance.

From a station abroad to the Netherlands

The Keuzedag pass is validated by checking in. That means it can only be activated at a station in the Netherlands.

For the return journey we recommend that you purchase an international ticket for your entire journey from your departure station abroad to your final destination in the Netherlands.

If you nevertheless wish to use a Keuzedag pass for your return journey, you should purchase an international ticket from your departure station abroad to a station in the Netherlands at which your international train is scheduled to stop. At that station you should then check in to use your Keuzedag pass for the remaining Dutch part of your journey.

Are you going to use a Keuzedag pass on a one-time smart card for your return journey? Then buy the ticket that goes from your departure station abroad to an international arrival station in the Netherlands, with a 100% discount on the Dutch route. You will not have to leave the international train at the first station in the Netherlands to check in with the Keuzedag. The Train Manager on the international train will only check whether you have a Keuzedag pass on a one-time smart card and not whether you have checked in. If you do not continue to travel within the Netherlands, register the use of the Keuzedag via the card reader at a post or gate at the international arrival station. If you catch a domestic train, check in with the one-time smart card with Keuzedag.

More information on Keuzedag passes can be found here:

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