Studentenreisproduct and international travel

If you have a Studentenreisproduct and want to travel internationally, in some cases you will be entitled to a 40% or 100% discount on the Dutch part of your international train journey:

Week subscription:

  • Free travel from Monday 04:00 AM until Saturday 04:00 AM, except in the summer and on holidays
  • Free travel on Goede Vrijdag
  • Travel with discount from Saturday 04:00 AM until Monday 04:00 AM

Weekend subscription:

  • Free travel from Friday 12:00 PM until 04:00 AM
  • Free travel on holidays from 04:00 AM until 04:00 AM the next day
  • On the day before Goede Vrijdag, before Koningsdag, before Bevrijdingsdag and before Hemelvaartsdag you travel as on Friday
  • Travel with discount on Monday from 04:00 AM, on Tuesday until Thursday from 09:00 AM and on Friday from 09:00 AM until 12:00 PM
  • Travel without discount on Tuesday until Friday before 09:00 AM

One international ticket for your entire trip

You can book your trip from the departure station in the Netherlands to your final destination with one ticket. Are you entitled to a 40% or 100% discount on the domestic route? Please indicate this while booking:

  • Via our website: select the option '40% discount in the Netherlands' or '100% discount in the Netherlands'.
  • Via an NS ticket machine: choose the option 'NS route with discount' or 'NS route free'.

Then you will receive an international ticket which includes the 40% or 100% discount. Do not forget to bring your NS subscription as well as your ticket on your trip. You should be able to show both.

Can you not travel there and back with the same discount? You can also book two separate one-way tickets.

Travel 1st class

Please note: do you want to travel 1st class? Buy an international train ticket 1st class and load a class change on your card. The class of your NS subscription determines the class of your trip within the Netherlands.