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  • From € 20 one-way with Intercity Berlin
  • Travel time Amsterdam - Bad Bentheim 2.16 hrs
  • Possible to reserve seats
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Do you want to be active or are you looking for relaxation? Bad Bentheim offers both. As the name suggests, it is historically a spa town. You can go there for hot baths and beautiful saunas. There is also a BadePark, a large swimming pool with slides and whirlpools. But there is much more to do: visit the large castle that towers above the city and walk through the Bentheimerwald or the primeval forest.

Travel information

With Intercity Berlin you travel directly from Amsterdam, via Hilversum, Amersfoort and Hengelo to Bad Bentheim. In no time you are in a different country, special city and beautiful surroundings. If you depart from Rotterdam, you change in Amersfoort and the travel time is less than 3 hours.

Overview travel time to Bad Bentheim

Route Travel time Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Bad Bentheim 2.16 0 Content Content
Amersfoort - Bad Bentheim 1.40 0 Content Content
Utrecht - Bad Bentheim 1.58 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Bad Bentheim 2.41 1 Content Content
Arnhem - Bad Bentheim 1.35 1 Content Content

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Prices train tickets to Bad Bentheim

The from price of a one-way ticket is € 20. A return tickets from most stations in the Netherlands to Bad Bentheim costs € 38. If you book last-minute, the price of the ticket could be higher. Do you have a Dutch discount card? Then your trip will be even cheaper!

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets online. When booking, you can indicate if you have a Dutch dicount card or a 'Keuzedag'. You select Discount and loyalty cards and choose 40% or 100% discount in the Netherlands, depending on your card.

You can load your ticket onto our NS International App. You will receive up-to-date travel information while travelling. You can open the gates at the station with the ticket on the app. You can also print your ticket and open the gate with that.

Practical information

To make your trip that much easier, we have summed up certain practical issues for you.

Itinerary planner and app

Please keep in mind that there could be delays or engineering works and check your trip with the itinerary planner. That way, you will never get an unpleasant surprise!
Download our app so that you will be kept informed during your trip of the possible changes.

Free access to the lounges

If you have a 1st class ticket, you can enjoy a free drink at the NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam.

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Reserve a seat

Do you want to make sure you have a seat? You can indicate this when booking. A reserved seat costs € 4 extra per person, one-way.

Bad Bentheim

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