Wat zou jij doen met 3 uur helemaal niets?

What would you do with 3 hours free time?

Travel time becomes your time

On the way to that business meeting abroad, you don't have to do anything. But in our comfortable high-speed trains you could do anything.

What about:

  • Work on that important presentation in peace and quiet.
  • Stretch your legs and walk around.
  • Absolutely nothing so that you arrive at your destination feeling stress-free and relaxed.

Need more inspiration? View our tips

  • Tips

    Travel time becomes your time

    No check-in time, traffic jams or parking problems. The international train will bring you directly to the heart of the city. This means you can spend your entire travel time working on that important presentation or relaxing while reading a good book. What you do is up to you.

    Need inspiration? Read our 3 tips.

    Tip 1: Be inspired

    Once you're on the train, all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Maybe in your company, you do things on autopilot. Rightly so? Or can you do more? You now have a few extra hours to learn what others are doing. Read the best business blogs, listen to inspiring TED Talks or get lost in that book you've wanted to read.

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    Tip 2: Make your trip even more comfortable

    Even on a busy train, you can set yourself up in such a way that you get a few undisturbed hours to yourself. An anti-publication filter on your laptop stops people from watching. And noise cancelling headphones shut you off from noise, so you can travel in your own cocoon. Don't want to be at all aware of the world around you? This fantastic sleeping pillow offers a solution!

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    Tip 3: Make the most of your travel time

    On the train you have the facilities and time to prepare your appointment. There's no need to stress-out the night before. Turn your travel time into working time. In addition, there are many apps and tools that help you to be even more productive. You can also choose to do nothing at all. And why not? You already work hard on a daily basis. Good time to (start) meditating!

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  • Destinations

    Reach your destination in a few hours

  • Booking

    Book your tickets easily

    • Using the booking module of NS International or My NSI, you can easily book your ticket for your next European destination online. Without booking fees!
    • Do you have an NS Business Card? It also allows you to travel internationally on account. You simply book your trip via My NS Business.
    • Of course, you can also buy a train ticket through your business travel agent.
  • How it works

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