Travel with Jeppe Bijker - Founder of Green Tickets

NS International travels together with a number of business travellers. How do these travellers spend their travel time and what does travelling mean to them? This episode, we travel with one of the founders of Green Tickets, Jeppe Bijker.

Where are we going today?

"To Berlin. I have to go to a conference for my company Green Tickets, so I’m about to catch an Intercity Berlin train. Whenever I go anywhere, I always try to travel by public transport. Regardless if it's for a holiday or a business appointment.”

Green Tickets, do you have green intentions?

"Yes, I do! When I was planning to travel to Bordeaux with my companion Marthijn, we were amazed at how difficult it was to plan a sustainable journey from A to B. It took us an entire day… We believed there had to be an easier way. So, we set up a platform where you can see what impact your journey has on the environment.”

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What's so great about the train?

“Well yes, unlike many people, I really like travelling time. And on the train, you can spend it usefully. You board, and your journey begins immediately. It's so relaxed. You can easily work undisturbed for a few hours. This in contrast to flying, where you have to do several different things before you’re on your way. You have to come to the airport, check in and drop off your luggage, go through customs, wait at the gate and so on. It's stressful for me, and in the end, you'll lose more time. It's also bad for the environment. It was only after I set up Green Tickets that I realised how bad air travel is for the climate.”

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Do you have any travel rituals?

"I can't travel without my music and a cup of coffee whether I'm travelling for business or leisure. When I work on the train, I get into a good flow. The passing landscape makes me think clearly. The combination of working and looking outside works very well for me. At the office, you still have distractions: a colleague who comes to your desk or a meeting you have to attend. I also think that the train is a very comfortable way to travel. You have spacious seats, and you can walk about and stretch your legs. It offers me not just physical space but also headspace. The longer travel time gives me peace of mind or complete focus.”

What kind of traveller are you?

“I'm a relaxed traveller. Unlike most people, I think, because I'm fine with taking my time. Of course, we all have to be somewhere because we are busy, but let's slow down in the meantime. That's why, for example, I always plan my trips well. If you travel relaxed, you'll arrive relaxed.”