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Walking in Germany's Essen

Take a walk in the city or in the woods and meadows

Explore hiking trails in Essen, a city where nature meets city. This German city offers both urban and nature walks, including the BaldeneySteig and the Kettwiger PanoramaSteig. 'Steig' is the German word for path or route. You can enjoy nature and culture as well as industrial history here. You can choose long, multi-day hikes or one-day walks.
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The city of Essen

Essen is located in the heart of Germany's Ruhr region. It combines industrial history with green landscapes. The city has cultural treasures such as the Zollverein coal mine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Essen also offers extensive shopping centres, museums and a diverse range of leisure activities.

Various walks in and around Essen

The routes described below can be downloaded and are also available at the VVV Tourist Office in Essen, Kettwiger Strasse. 2-10, near the station.

1. DeilbachSteig

The DeilbachSteig walk connects Essen, Velbert and Hattingen and is 33 km long. Along the route, you will see nature, industrial monuments and engineering sights. The trail passes through rocky areas and dense nature, making it challenging.

This hike requires good stamina and is suitable for experienced hikers who enjoy a challenge and a combination of nature and history.
Download the route and tips in German (PDF)

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2. Baldeneysteig

The BaldeneySteig is a scenic 27-km hiking trail around the Essen reservoir, which opened in 2017. The trail offers a rich combination of natural beauty and cultural attractions. You will entier forests, cross meadows and pass traditional farms. The views on your journey are breathtaking!

Several cultural breaks are available along the way. If the route is too long, you take a bus or boat for some stretches. This route is a combination of physical challenge and culture and is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced hikers.
Download the route and tips in German (PDF)

3. Zollverein-Steig

The Zollverein-Steig is a 26.4-km walking route that takes you past the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein and through northern Essen. This route connects green parks and industrial heritage sites, including allotments and artworks. It offers varied views from landfills and along the Rhine-Herne Canal.

The walk combines nature with cultural attractions and is suitable for people interested in the region's industrial history. Download the route and tips in German (PDF)

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4. Kettwiger Panoramasteig

The Kettwiger Panoramasteig is a varied route of about 35 kilometres that offers beautiful panoramas along the Ruhr. The route includes steep forests, fields and urban areas. The walk combines nature with cultural sights. You can enjoy various attractions along its path. On route, there are several opportunities to rest at various food and drink establishments. The route is medium to strenuous and requires you to have enough stamina.
Download the route and tips in German (PDF)

Two-day route through meadows, forests and along the lake

Day 1 Kettwiger Panoramasteig

On the first day, explore the Kettwiger Panoramasteig, a route that runs through the northern and southern parts of Essen, with beautiful views and nature. You can stop at the Rutherhof to swim and play football golf and enjoy delicious, local delicacies.
In the evening, it is worth strolling through the historic towns of Kettwig and Werden, known for their half-timbered houses and welcoming restaurants and pubs.

Day 2 BaldeneySteig with boat ride

On the second day, put on your hiking boots again for the BaldeneySteig, a 26 km route around Lake Baldeney. You can shorten the route and finish with a boat trip on the White Fleet, which boasts unique views.

Recommended is a stop at "Heimliche Liebe" for mini-golf and a meal overlooking the lake. The day ends by the lake at Seaside Beach Baldeney or the lively kiosk on Regatta Avenue.
More information on the two-day hike


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To Essen by train

By train, you will get to Essen right quick. The travel time with ICE International is approximately 2.30 hours, depending on the chosen train and departure time. On the fastest connection, you will need to change trains once in Duisburg. During your journey, you can relax in a comfortable seat and rest from your walks around Essen. You can buy your ticket starting from € 20 one-way.

Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Essen Hbf 2.30 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Essen Hbf 2.18 2 Content Content
Utrecht - Essen Hbf 3.05 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Essen Hbf 3.53 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Essen Hbf 1.21 1 Content Content

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Walking near Essen

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