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Train to Trutnov

If you are looking for a winter sports destination that is fully equipped and cheaper than a skiing holiday in the Alps? Then Trutnov is the perfect destination for you.

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  • From € 60 one-way
  • Take your winter sports equipment with you on the train

    Skiing vacation in Trutnov

    The Czech city Trutnov is nestled in the Giant Mountains, making it a perfect destination for skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. There are several ski resorts in the area, including nearby Mlade Buky. Mlade Buky ski resort is 10 km from Trutnov. This compact ski resort is very suitable for families and children. Especially for beginners and snowboarders, this area is ideal for winter sports, as it is relatively quiet and has wide slopes. Many of the slopes are illuminated in the evening.

    A little further away at Svoboda nad Upou is a larger ski resort. This large ski resort is called Cerna Hora-Pec, which is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country.

    With the train on a winter sports holiday to Trutnov

    Would you like to travel during the day or travel while you sleep? Both are possible.

    Trutnov is about 3 hours by train from Prague, making it a relatively easy journey to get to Trutnov. You can travel by day or night train.


    At the moment, the best way to book a train ticket to Trutnov is by telephone.

    Book early for the lowest price

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    General tips for getting the cheapest tickets

    • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
    • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
    • Book online to avoid booking fee.

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    Train to Trutnov

    From € 60