My Thalys World

My Thalys World is a loyalty program for frequent travelers, with which you can save points by traveling. My Thalys World rewards the value of your transactions. For every euro you spend, you save member points, which determine your status, and you also save Miles, which you can exchange for various products and services from Thalys and its partners.

When booking a Thalys trip you can create an account on My NSI . You can then add your membership number once and in the future the program will be automatically linked to your Thalys trip. My NSI is a protected, personal environment on our website. Here you can arrange everything around your international train journeys and manage your personal details. Quick and easy, wherever and whenever you want.


Benefits of My Thalys World

  • My Thalys World Club members can take an earlier or later train than reserverd (without seat guarantee).
  • My Thalys World Club+ members have access to every Thalys in the same travel direction on the day of travel (without seat guarantee).
  • All My Thalys World members have access to the lounge at the Thalys train stations including the NS International Lounges.
  • Club and Club+ members can arrange a driver or a taxi through My Driver from Thalys.

    My Thalys World

    The Thalys World programme has 3 levels based on the number of trips made per year:

    Silver Gold Platinum Header
    Number of number of points 0-599 600-4999 > 5000 Content
    Validity of status Always 2 years 2 years Content
    Miles 1 euro = 1 mile 1 euro = 2 miles 1 euro = 3 miles Content

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