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The best places to dine out in Prague

Prague, the enchanting capital of the Czech Republic, is known not only for its rich history and breathtaking architecture, but also for its culinary delights. From cozy Czech cafés to sophisticated international cuisines. The city offers a memerable taste experience. Read on to discover the best restaurants Prague has to offer.
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Prague restaurants and specialities

Czech cuisine

Czech cuisine is one to make your mouth water! Sample traditional dishes such as goulash, trdelník or svíčková. And remember to visit one of the local beer houses to enjoy an authentic Czech beer.

Písecká brána

A delicious Czech restaurant at a great location. You can literally sit in the middle of the ancient gateway. Prices are affordable and the staff are friendly and helpful.  
Address: K Brusce 5/208

U Pivrnce

A traditional Czech pub restaurant, famous for its local food and beers. Housed in a historic building, the interior has a decidedly Czech pub ambience.
Address: Maiselova 60/3

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Other cuisines in Prague

Sushi Yami Sushi House

Taste fresh and authentic Japanese dishes in a modern and stylish sushi restaurant. Enjoy the sushi bar, summer garden and friendly atmosphere popular with locals.  
Address: Masná 1051/3

Pasta Fresca

Pasta Fresca is an Italian restaurant in the centre of Prague, famous for its fresh pasta and charming interior with brick walls. Despite the sometimes noisy ambience, the restaurant has excellent food and service.  
Address: Celetná 598/11

Breakfast and lunch in Prague

Breakfast: Café Neustadt

Located in the New Town Hall, Café Neustadt is relaxed and popular with both locals and tourists. A laid-back café in Prague's New Town Hall. This easygoing bar is a real favourite in Prague, a place where conviviality and history go hand in hand.
Address: Karlovo náměstí 23/1

Lunch: Bistro Monk

This authentic restaurant in Prague's Old Town serves exceptionally delicious breakfasts with tasty dishes such as avocado, salmon and blueberry pancakes. It is a tourist favourite, so sometimes, you have to queue to get a table. Despite the rushed service, the staff is friendly. And the coffee is top-notch. What more could you want?  
Address: Michalská 20

Prague Old Town

La Finestra in Cucina

La Finestra in Cucina, near Old Town Square, specialises in dry-aged meats and fresh seafood, supported by an assortment of Italian (organic) wines.
Address: Platnéřská 90/13

Outdoor cafés in Prague

Zahradní restaurace Letenský zámeček

Restaurant Letenský zámeček, located in picturesque Letná Park, has been offering traditional Czech cuisine with a modern twist for 150 years. With panoramic views of Prague's skyline, it is ideal for a variety of events. We advise you to bring cash, as it is not always possible to pay with debit cards.  
Address: Letenské sady 341

View from Letná Park

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U Kunštátů

In het hart van Praag ligt een pleasant outdoor café where you can order traditional Czech dishes. You can also enjoy a wide selection of beers including unique speciality craft beers. You can specify which flavours you like and they will put together a tasting board with 6 beers. A must-visit!
Address: Retezova 3

Budget-friendly options in Prague

Restaurace U Mlynáře

In Prague's historic centre you will find an attractive familly restaurant with traditional Czech dishes and unique tankard beer. The food and ambience here is highly rated and the hard-working staff are friendly and speak several languages. Prices here are reasonable in relation to the portion size you get.
Address: Nerudova 213/18


PAPRIKA is a snug bistro serving authentic Israeli dishes, including fresh hummus, falafel and homemade bread. The focus is on quality ingredients, often imported from Israel. They serve vegetarian dishes as well as meat.
Address: Rumunská 8/16

Prague restaurant prices

Dining in Prague is usually cheaper than in the Netherlands, whether you opt for an ordinary meal or a gourmet experience. You will also pay less for beer and other drinks.
Although you should expect higher prices in the tourist areas, you can often find excellent prices in the less touristy districts. It is therefore worth looking a little further than the usual tourist streets for the best deals.

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Getting to Prague by train

Travelling to Prague by train is not only sustainable but also comfortable. Enjoy spacious seats and the beautiful landscapes that pass by your window. First travel with Intercity Berlin to the German capital. There, you can catch an Eurocity train to Prague. Travel time is apporximately 12.35 hours. Disembark in the heart of the city centre and immediately enjoy its charm. Book your city trip early, to take advantage of the lowest prices.

Tips for travelling budget-friendly by train

  • Book as early as you can
  • Choose a non-flex ticket (note: you cannot change or cancel this at a later date)
  • Book online to avoid booking fees
  • For a weekend in Prague, go Saturday to Monday instead of Friday to Sunday
  • Read our tips for booking cheap tickets

Restaurants in Prague

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