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A day in Hamburg by bike

Discover the dynamic port city of Hamburg by bike and ferry! Grab a StadtRAD bike and explore the flat, sprawling city full of greenery and water. Take a ferry ride from the Landungsbrücken and cruise between cranes and ships. Remember to enjoy the city's other highlights, such as the Elbe beach, the impressive Elbphilharmonie concert hall and the historic Speicherstadt .
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Hamburg by the river

Hamburg is inseparable from its port, one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to the Elbe River, the city has access to the North Sea and has been an important trading centre since the Middle Ages. Unlike other port cities, its docks and container terminals start a stone's throw from the city centre. When the sun shines, nothing is more fun than catching a ferry at the Landungsbrücken and spending half an hour sailing among the cranes and ships. Check ferry connections and times at
If you go by ferry, bring a bike. As a flat, sprawling city with plenty of water and greenery, Hamburg begst to be discovered by bicycle. Follow the example of the locals and rent a StadtRAD, one of the seven hundred red bicycles that are up for grabs in more than seventy places in the city. The first half-hour is free, the maximum rental fee per day is €9.

Find a beach on the Elbe

Need to refuel during your cycling tour? Find one of the beaches on the banks of the Elbe! Popular among locals is the Elbstrand. First get a breath of fresh air on the beach and then have a coffee or a beer in the Strandperle, a beach club with an upper floor overlooking the huge container ships and recreational boats sailing to and from the port.

Singing a tune at the Elbphilharmonie

A little further on is HafenCity, a new city district on the Elbe with ultra-modern, ultra-expensive architecture. The big crowd puller here is the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, a huge glass structure with undulating roof built on top of a former warehouse. The main hall consists of ten thousand sheets of natural plaster and recycled paper, which provide fantastic acoustics.

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Dive underground in the Alter Elb Tunnel

One of Hamburg's most enjoyable walks or bike rides goes underground. The half-kilometre-long Alter Elbe Tunnel from 1911 has recently been restored and covered with tens of thousands of glazed tiles. The tunnel connects the banks of the Elbe and is open to both pedestrians and cyclists.

Wander through Unesco World Heritage Sites

An absolute must-see is the Speicherstadt, a huge complex of warehouses built between 1883 and 1927 on a series of islets in the riverbed of the Elbe. The neo-Gothic brick buildings were given small turrets and glazed decorations, making them a feast for the eyes. Take your time to admire all the details of this Unesco World Heritage Site.

Day trip to Hamburg

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