Night train will return to the Netherlands end of 2020

Good news for train passengers: the night train will return to the Netherlands. As of December 2020, Austrian night train specialist ÖBB and NS will run a daily night train from Amsterdam to Munich, Innsbruck and Vienna.

In Vienna in 14 hours

Passengers board the train in the evening to arrive well rested at their destination the next morning. The travel time between Amsterdam and Vienna is about 14 hours. Travellers in both directions arrive at their destination before 10.00 hrs.

Now change trains once

Now travellers can also take the night train to Innsbruck from Düsseldorf on a daily basis. By extending this connection via Arnhem and Utrecht to Amsterdam, the Netherlands will once again be directly connected to the European night train network.

Facts Nightjet Amsterdam - Vienna

  • Starts in December 2020.
  • Departure from Amsterdam early in the evening, arrival in Munich, Innsbruck or Vienna in the morning.
  • In Nuremberg the train divides into a section for Munich and Innsbruck and a section for Vienna.
  • The train consists of seating, reclining and sleeping carriages. The luxurious compartments with private bathroom provide extra comfort.
  • Prices for seats start around € 29, reclining seats € 59 and sleeping places from € 89.
  • Breakfast is included for passengers in the sleeping areas.
  • There is room for wheelchairs and assistance is possible. There is also room for transporting bicycles.

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