Night train to Vienna and Innsbruck starts May 25, 2021

NS and the Austrian railway company ÖBB will start its daily direct sleeper train connection Amsterdam - Vienna / Innsbruck on 25 May 2021.

The Nightjet, as the sleeper train is called, runs every day at the beginning of the evening from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem to Munich. Innsbruck and Vienna. In the opposite direction, a night train arrives in the Netherlands every morning.
The first Nightjet will arrive at Amsterdam Central Station on May 25 at 10h43 and will be welcomed by NS CEO Marjan Rintel.

In Vienna in 14 hours

You board the train in the evening to arrive well rested at your destination the next morning. The travel time between Amsterdam and Vienna is about 14 hours. Travellers in both directions arrive at their destination before 10.00 hrs.

Facts Nightjet Amsterdam - Vienna

  • Starts 25 May 2021
  • Departure from Amsterdam early in the evening, arrival in Munich, Innsbruck or Vienna in the morning.
  • In Nuremberg the train divides into a section for Munich and Innsbruck and a section for Vienna.
  • The train consists of seating, reclining and sleeping carriages. The luxurious compartments with private bathroom provide extra comfort.
  • Prices for seats start from € 30, reclining seats start from € 60 and sleeping places start from € 90.
  • Breakfast is included for passengers in the sleeping areas.
  • There is room for wheelchairs and assistance is possible.


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To Vienna by train

The absolute centre of classical music and opera. It's the city main attraction!


Travelling while you sleep is possible with Nightjet to Vienna and Munich.


Night train to Vienna and Innsbruck starts May 25

Night train to Vienna and Innsbruck starts May 25, 2021

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