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Christmas market in Dortmund

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A great Christmas trip to Dortmund

After arriving in Dortmund by train, you can enjoy the Christmas market and the world's biggest Christmas tree in Dortmund from late November until just before New Years! From 15.00 to 23.00 hrs, the 48,000 LED lights are lit. Until 30 December, the 45-metre-high tree stands in the middle of Hansaplatz as the city's largest Christmas monument.
You can also enjoy more than 300 stalls with handcrafted Christmas decorations, traditional food and mulled wine. The entire square is festively illuminated which creates a magical atmosphere. Moreover, local delicacies such as Reibekuchen and Bratwurst offer a tasty introduction to German cuisine. It is the ideal location for both finding unique Christmas gifts and experiencing the traditional German Christmas spirit.

Your trip to Dortmund with ICE International

The high-speed ICE International train runs from the Netherlands to Germany and Switzerland daily. With ICE International you can relax and travel quickly and comfortably. From the Netherlands you simply board an ICE International train and get off 2.44 hours later at the Christmas market in Dortmund. You only have to change trains in Duisburg. Ticket prices start at € 20 per person.
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Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Dortmund 2.44 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Dortmund 3.55 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Dortmund 2.15 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Dortmund 3.01 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Dortmund 1.44 1 Content Content

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With Intercity services to the Christmas market in Dortmund

With NS International you can also purchase international train tickets for the regular Intercity services. Do you live in the south-east of the Netherlands? Then the German Christmas markets are very close!

When is the Christmas market in Dortmund?

The Christmas market in Dortmund will be open from 23 November to 30 December 2023 ( subject to change). The market will be closed on 26 November and 25 December.

What else can you do in Dortmund?

You can take a nice walk in the Westfalenpark and visit the Florian Tower. Also worth a visit are the German Football Museum, brewery museums and the old coal mine! You can also shop for Christmas gifts in the popular shopping street Westenhellweg.

Christmas market in Dortmund

From € 20