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Christmas market in Bremen

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Going to the Christmas market after 9 December?

Going to a Christmas market? Good news: most Christmas markets open as early as November. You can already buy train tickets to Christmas markets until 9 December.

Do you want to visit a Christmas market after 9 December? Then, in some cases, you will have to be a little patient when buying train tickets. Due to a new schedule from 10 December, we cannot yet sell some tickets. But don't worry. We can let you know when tickets are available on your desired travel day:

  1. Click on your desired travel time in the calendar
  2. Click on 'set alert' and enter your e-mail address
  3. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the tickets are available

This way you will always be the first to know and benefit from the lowest prices.

A great Christmas trip to Bremen

The Christmas market in Bremen is special because of its location near the Old Town Hall and the Weser River. Besides the traditional Christmas market, Bremen also has a medieval market, complete with artisans in medieval clothes and old crafts. It is like stepping back in time.
Moreover, Bremen has a riverside 'Schlachte-Zauber', where you can enjoy maritime specialities. You can buy handmade products in stalls resembling old ships. All this makes the Christmas market in Bremen really unique and worth a visit.

Your trip to Bremen with Intercity Berlin

Intercity Berlin runs 5 a day from the Netherlands to Germany. With ICE International you can relax and travel quickly and comfortably. When departing from Amsterdam, you will only have to change trians once in Osnabrück. 4.15 hours later you will arrive at the Christmas market in Bremen. Ticket prices start at € 28 per person.
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Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Bremen 4.15 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Bremen 3.39 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Bremen 3.57 2 Content Content
Rotterdam - Bremen 4.40 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Bremen 4.04 2 Content Content

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When is the Christmas market in Bremen?

The Christmas market in Bremen will be open from 27 November to 23 December 2023 ( subject to change).

What else can you do in Bremen?

Bremen is a charming city with a rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant culture. Highlights include the town hall and the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. Based on the Grimm brothers' fairy tale, this famous statue is one of the city's most photographed landmarks.

Christmas market in Bremen

From € 28