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Christmas market in Aachen

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Celebrate Christmas in Aachen

From 24 November, you can visit the intimate Christmas market in Aachen. The market is centrally located near the Cathedral, within walking distance of the train station. This Christmas market contains about 130 different stalls. The square is beautifully lit. In the streets around the square, you will find bakeries and pleasant restaurants. And would you like to take an original gift home with you? At the market, you can buy a famous Aachener Printen: a gingerbread doll.

Your trip to Aachen by train

You can take the intercity service to Heerlen and catch an all-stations train to Aachen. The train from Heerlen runs every hour. You can also take the Eurostar from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam to Brussels Zuid/Midi and catch an ICE International or Eurostar train to Aachen.

Route Travel time Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Aachen 2.59 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Aachen 3.33 2 Content Content
Utrecht - Aachen 3.10 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Aachen 3.29 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Aachen 3.22 1 Content Content

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When is the Christmas market in Aachen?

The Christmas market in Aachen is open from 24 November to 23 December 2023 (subject to change). The market is open from 11.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs in the evening.

What else can you do in Aachen?

Aachen is a city full of history. Centuries ago, it was the capital of the Frankish empire where dozens of German kings were crowned. You can still taste that atmosphere today in the Cathedral that dates from the year 805, as well as in the historic city centre.

Do you like shopping? The main shopping streets are close to the train station. Please note, that shops in Aachen are not open every Sunday – just four Sundays a year. And did you know that Aachen is the sunniest city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region?

Christmas market in Aachen

From € 32

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