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Cologne-Bonn Airport

Cologne-Bonn Airport with ICE International

  • From € 20 one-way trip
  • Travel time 2.38 hours
  • 7 connections a day

Cologne-Bonn Airport: one of the largest in Europe

The Cologne-Bonn Airport (Flughafen Köln Konrad Adenauer) is located very close to the metropolis of Cologne and is one of Europe’s largest airports. This airport also has an underground train station with integrated S-Bahn.

With ICE International to Cologne-Bonn Airport

To get to the Cologne-Bonn Airport quicky and comfortably, you can purchase a ticket for € 20 the ICE International to Cologne Central (Köln Hauptbahnhof). From this station the S-Bahn leaves two to three times an hour and takes you to the airport in 16 minutes.

Tip! Your train ticket to Cologne Hbf is also valid on the S-Bahn, therefore you do not need an extra ticket.

Prices train tickets to Cologne-Bonn Airport

The train tickets to Keulen-Bonn Airport have different rates. The price depends on:

  • The moment of booking - Early booking means lowest prices
  • Flexibility - Regarding changing or cancellations

Book in advance and save money!

If you book 2 to 3 months in advance, you travel from € 20 one-way trip to Cologne-Bonn Airport. The earlier you book, the lower the price. You cannot change or cancel the cheapest tickets.

Upon return

If your flight is delayed or there are traffic jams, it’s nice to have a flexible train ticket. For ICE International this differs per fare. The Flexpreis fare is not tied to a specific time of day; with this ticket, you can travel all day long. Local transport is also valid all day long. Only the Sparpreis fare has a fixed time.Read more about ICE International’s conditions

Please note!

  • The travel times and frequencies apply to day-time trips on weekdays and can be subject to change. For a complete travel itinerary, consult itinerary planner
  • We advise you to schedule sufficient transfer and check-in time when planning your trip, so that if you are unexpectedly delayed, you do not miss your flight.
  • If you have bought a ticket to Cologne-Bonn Airport, you will only see Köln Hauptbahnhof on your ticket

Cologne-Bonn Airport

From € 20