Other discounts

Price benefits

    • The fares for children are really attractive
    • Additional benefits for regular customers
    • Profit from travelling with the DB Bahncard

      Youth tickets

      This is how it works: you choose your destination and then travel there at your own pace. Exceptions are the trains for which seat reservations are mandatory. In that case, your youth ticket is only valid for the train, date and time you have booked.

      Youth tickets Paris - Eurostar

      Eurostar has a special youth fare to, among others, Paris. These are additional attractive rates for both classes Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 for youths up to 25 years. See Eurostar rates and conditions

      Youth discount with regional train via Maastricht or Roosendaal

      If you are younger than 26 years, you receive a discount of 30% when travelling in 2nd class. Book online and check your price!

      Discover Europe by train with Interrail


      • Discount for passengers 27 years or younger
      • Interrail One Country Pass - For round-trips within a single country
      • Interrail Global Pass - For round-trips through multiple countries over a longer period of time

      DB Bahncard - travelling with discount in Germany

      If you have a DB Bahn Card 25, 50 or 100 you will get discount on the German leg of your international journey. You will also automatically get a RailPlus discount on your trips abroad.

      When booking select the box 'discount and loyalty cards'. Select your DB Bahncard when indicating your travel preferences and your discount will automatically be added if you choose a full-flex fare (Flexpreis Europe).


      • The discount is only valid on the German leg of your international journey.
      • You can only buy a DB Bahn Card at Deutsche Bahn

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      Good prices to go to Belgium

      Would like to have a weekend getaway that isn't pricey and are you a student? Have a look at the possibilities to get extra discount on a trip to Belgium.

      • Your student travel product is valid for your route in the Netherlands!
      • Student-friendly prices

      Book your ticket here

      Travel with your student travel product

      Do you want to make another international train journey? In some cases, you also have the right to 40% or 100% discount for the domestic part of the journey. Look here when this applies to you.

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      It is convenient to buy a international ticket for your entire journey. In other words: from station where you first board the train in the Netherlands to your final destination abroad.

      • When purchasing your international ticket, you must choose the option ‘ 40% discount in the Netherlands’.
      • Are you buying your international ticket via a NS self-service ticket machine? Then choose the option ‘40% discount in the Netherlands’ or '100% discount in the Netherlands'

      You will then receive an international ticket where the 40% discount is included. Your student travel product (OV-chipkaart) combined with your international ticket form your valid ticket. When asked, you must be able to show them both. Please note: If necessary, book two one-way trips when different conditions apply on the outward and return journey.