Discount for senior travellers

Discount options for 60+ travellers

    1. 'Keuzedag'

    If you are 60 years or older, you have an advantage with NS: you can purchase 7 Keuzedagen per year at a low rate.
    More information about Keuzedag and international travel

    2. Eurostar senior fare

    Eurostar offers reduced fares for senior citizens meaning you will receive discount over the entire journey. Please note, however, that some of these special fares are limited, so we advise you to book your tickets early.

    Conditions senior fare:

    • 60 years or older (on the day of travel)
    • One-way trip, available in Comfort 1 (Premium and Comfort) and Comfort 2 (Standard)
    • Changing and cancelling your tickets is subject to the same conditions as the regular Eurostar rates.

    3. Senior discount Belgium

    When you are travelling to Belgium with regional trains via Maastricht or Roosendaal and you are 65 years or older, than you can benefit from senior discount. if you also have a NS subscription, then it is even more profitable. Book your ticket online and check your price.