Find your seat on Eurostar to Belgium and France

When travelling with Eurostar we provide the following information so that you will easily find your seat.

Seat number on train ticket

Your carriage and seat number are printed on your ticket and these correspond to the numbers on the platform and on board the train.

Eurostar train composition

All Eurostar trains have the same composition and each train consists of eight carriages.

  • 3 Comfort and Premium (1st class) carriages
  • 4 Standard (2nd class) carriages
  • The bar/buffet carriage, in the middle of the train, is accessible to all passengers

View Thalys carriages floorplan

(Dynamic) information panels

With the help of dynamic information panels on the platform and train set-up posters you can determine where the best place to wait is so that you can easily board the train when it arrives. It sometimes occurs that the train enters the station in the reversed order but you will be informed of this via the station’s broadcast messaging system. If you are traveling with a mobile ticket, you can also find the train composition in the NS International App

Seat numbers on board of the train

Carriage numbers can be found next to the Eurostar doors. In the carriages seat numbers are clearly marked on the ledge above the seats.


At Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol and Rotterdam Central Station there are staff members who are more than willing to assist you if needed.


With your Eurostar ticket you may not bring more than:

  • 2 items of luggage with dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

For security reasons it is prohibited to block the aisles and doors of the train with luggage or to secure them (with rope or locks) to the train.

When travelling with a child you may bring a stroller on board for free beside the above-mentioned items. The stroller must be folded before entering the train and be stowed in one of the luggage spaces in the carriage where you are seated.
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