Thuis uw tickets uitprinten met homeprint

Printing your train tickets using homeprint


  • Tickets to Belgium
  • Tickets to Germany
  • Certain tickets to France*
  • Tickets to Denmark
  • Tickets to Switzerland
  • Tickets to Austria
  • Eurostar tickets to England
  • Tickets to the Czech Republic

Which tickets can your print at home?

Almost all destinations and rates we offer online can be printed at home. That makes purchasing a ticket easy, especially when you want to book a ticket shortly before departure.

* These tickets to France can be printed at home:

  • Thalys tickets
  • TGV tickets

The following conditions apply when you print your tickets at home:

During the booking procedure, you will be asked for your complete name which will be printed on the ticket. Please keep in mind that you must spell your name as it is written in your passport. This means your first official name and, if applicable, your maiden name.

You can use either iDeal or a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) as a means of payment. A link to your ticket is given both on the confirmation page and in the email which will be sent to you.

  • Tickets you print out at home are issued in your name and cannot be transferred to someone else. Verification is based on a valid proof of identification, so be sure to bring your identification with you.
  • After you have booked your trip, you will receive an email that confirms your booking. This email will also contain a link to your ticket that you have to print out at home on A4 paper.
  • The email sent to you to confirm your booking is not a ticket, so you cannot use this email to travel with.
  • The standard fare conditions, with regard to rebooking, changing and cancellation, apply to the ticket you print out at home.
  • A (full) refund is possible until 2 months after the departure date, but only if the ticket is unused and the fare conditions allow cancellation. To request a refund Eurostar and destinations to Belgium take 2 days and destinations to Germany and further 7 days after the ticket date/departure of the train to check your request. (For Thalys there is no such restriction.) You will get your money back using the same payment method you used to purchase the ticket. For homeprint tickets purchased at an NS International desk in a Tickets & Service office, passengers can either request a refund at the desk prior to the journey or after the journey adhering to the aforementioned periods. A request for refund can also be done through the NS International Service Center.

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