Printing your train tickets using homeprint

Which tickets can you print at home?

Almost all destinations and fares we offer online can be printed at home. Homeprint means that you print your tickets yourself.

    The following conditions apply when you print your tickets at home:

    • Your full name will be requested during the booking process. Your name will be printed on the ticket. Please remember to spell your names as they appear in your passport. This means your first official name and, if applicable, your maiden name.
    • For a group tour of 10 people or more, you will receive a ticket with the name of the group and the name of the group leader.
    • The booking confirmation that you receive by e-mail contains a link to your ticket. The e-mail itself is not a ticket. You are not allowed to travel based on this e-mail.
    • The ticket is only valid if it is printed in good quality, clearly legible and unaltered (colour or black and white) on blank, white A4 paper.
    • The ticket is personal, non-transferable and only valid together with a valid identity document with photo: passport, identity card.
    • The ticket has a square barcode containing the encrypted travel details. The square barcode can be used to open gates at Dutch stations.

    Changing or cancelling

    • Changing or cancelling homeprint tickets is possible based on the conditions of the fares.
    • Changing the name is not permitted. In this case we will cancel the ticket according to the usual fare conditions and book a new ticket.
    • For home print tickets, a (full) refund is possible up to a maximum of 2 months after the departure date, provided the ticket is completely unused and the conditions of the rate allow this.
    • If a refund is requested within 2 or 7 days after the ticket's effective date or the train's departure date, the refund will be made via the original payment method after these 2 or 7 days due to verification data that has yet to be received. The deadline varies from carrier to carrier. For Eurostar and TGV tickets, this rule does not apply.
      - Benelux without reservation = 2 days from the date of travel
      - To, in and via Germany = 7 days from departure date
      - Nightjet = 7 days from departure date
    • For a cancellation please refer to the original point of sale.
      - For home print tickets purchased via the NS International desk in the Service Offices, you can request a refund from the NS International desk before the journey begins or after the period mentioned above has expired.

      Change or cancel your trip yourself