NS International App

NS International App

The only thing you need besides your passport

With the NS International app you will always have your ticket close hand and you will always be informed of the most up-to-date information regarding your trip. The app shows the departure and arrival times and will tell you from which platform the train leaves. Moreover, you will be informed of relevant news and interesting deals.

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  • Travel and book

    Travel and book using the app

    With the NS International app you will always have the international itinerary planner close hand. It will allow you to plan your international train journey easily. You will immediately see what your trip will cost and you can book it directly and download an e-ticket or mobile ticket.

  • Up-to-date info

    The most up-to-date travel information

    With NS International’s app, you will always have access to the most up-to-date travel information. You will know what the real-time departure and arrival times will be as well as be immediately informed of any disruptions and changes. In such cases, the app will help you by giving you a customised travel advice.

    How does this work?

    • In the app, select a journey, choose the stations and select time and train. Click on the star in the top right corner of the screen to save the trip. Next, you will see a screen where you can specify that you want to receive messages if there are changes.
    • Booked your ticket already? In the confirmation email, click on 'Tickets in App’. Your ticket will be downloaded to the app. Click on 'My bookings' and then 'Travel information'. Under the image, you can specify whether you want to receive notifications regarding your trip.

  • Mobile ticket

    Travel with a mobile ticket

    It is possible to book a mobile ticket for Thalys to Antwerp, Brussels, Lille and Paris and all for destinations in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy and Austria. You will no longer need a paper ticket. To bypass the gates and during ticket control, you can use the mobile ticket’s barcode displayed on your mobile phone. Even without Internet you can access your ticket on your phone.

    How does it work?

    • Download the NS International App.
    • Open the confirmation email on your mobile phone and click on the link to lead you to your mobile ticket.
    • Your ticket will automatically be saved in the NS International App under `My booking'.

    If you choose a mobile ticket, the following applies:

    • The mobile ticket is personal and not transferable.
    • You must show the mobile ticket through the NS International App (version 4 or higher).
    • You can upload the mobile ticket to the NS International App before you begin your journey.
    • Ticket control takes place on the basis of identification. Therefore, bring a valid form of identification with a photograph (passport or ID card) with you, the train manager/conductor may request to see it.
    • Travelling is only possible on the booked date and/or train, unless the rate conditions specify something different.
    • Rebooking and cancellation are subject to the usual rate conditions.
    • A request for reimbursement within 2 days (Belgium) or 7 days (Germany) after the effective date of the ticket will be refunded through the original method of payment after 2 or 7 days due to yet to be received monitoring information.
    • A request for reimbursement of a mobile ticket purchased at a NS International counter at a service desk, can be made at the NS International desk before the start of your journey or after the indicated period.
    • This rule does not apply if your refund request only concerns a Thalys journey. A request for reimbursement can be submitted to the NS International Customer Service.

  • Watch

    Our app for Apple Watch

    With the NS International app you will always be informed of relevant news and interesting deals. The app has now been enhanced with features for Apple Watch. So it is even easier to access the most up-to-date information regarding your trip anywhere, anytime. The Apple Watch app will help you when changing trains, will show you departure and arrival times and will let you know which platform your train is to depart from.

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