The new ICE train is running!

Willkommen an Bord

The familiar grey and red ICE trains are getting a successor. Owner of the trains Deutsche Bahn (DB) has bought new trains from Siemens. These were already running within Germany and now also in the Netherlands.

Last year, Erik Leddy, Director ICE International & Nightjet, called this "the great promise of 2024".

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The new trains ICE 3neo

'The new ICE 3neo trains resemble the old trains, but are a vast improvement.' By the end of 2029, a total of 90 will be operating in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 'The trains Siemens is now delivering have an updated interior, warm and homely with beautiful wood tones. Each train has 439 seats.'

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Its predecessor: ICE3M

After 24 years, the white-red ICE3M was due for renewal. 'Once these trains were state-of-the-art, but now the technology is outdated and the trains are becoming fault-prone,' Erik says. 'In recent summers, there were, among other things, regular problems with the climate control system. That problem will now be a thing of the past.'

Overview of improvements

The list of all the improvements is a long one! Erik mentions a few of them:

  • The trains have a built-in wheelchair lift. Passengers in wheelchairs can easily board and disembark the train. The door makes a clicking sound so visually impaired people can hear where the lift entrance is.
  • There are extra doors so that it will be less crowded at the doors which will make boarding and disembarking go quicker.
  • There is a special section where passengers can place their bikes in nice bicycle racks. There are seats behind them. This way, you can keep your eye on your bike. Bike reservation is compulsory though! There are 8 bicycle seats per train. Soon, you can book tickets, including reservation, by phone.
  • There are LED lights above each seat with information about its reservation status. The colour lets you immediately see whether the seat has been booked or is unreserved.
  • In first class, there is a big ‘1’ written on each pillow so you can see you are in first class. No more misunderstandings!
  • The blinded windows of the current ICE3M train kept out the phone and internet signal bright as well as sunlight. When blinded, the new windows will provide better mobile coverage.
  • Hygiene is better on the new train. Doors open automatically. The taps and buttons in the toilets work with sensors. And apart from soap, there is also disinfectant on the toilets. .
  • There is more space for luggage on board.
  • There are usefuel tablet holders.
  • Now, there are sockets available at every seat.
  • Travel information is displayed on screens above the centre aisle.
  • The air is fresh! The air conditioning works smoothly and is reliable. .

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Looking back and ahead

How did ICE and Nightjet fare in the summer of 2023? And what are the plans for 2024? Erik Leddy glances back and looks ahead.

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