Travel with ICE International summer 2023

Seat reservation is going to make ICE more comfortable this summer

14 April 2023
During the peak summer period, international travelers on the ICE, in addition to a ticket, must also have a seat reservation to travel on the train. NS is taking this measure together with Deutsche Bahn to prevent the popularity of this train from leading to uncomfortable situations. The seat reservation requirement applies to all cross-border travel on the ICE this summer. So Interrail/Eurail pass holders can also travel on the ICE this summer if they have purchased a seat reservation.

ICE to and from Germany

The compulsory seat reservation applies to all ICE trains between the Netherlands and Germany v.v. in the period June 17 to August 18, 2023. From 14 April, passengers on ICE trains during this period will automatically book the compulsory seat reservation with their ticket, free of charge. NS will inform passengers who bought a ticket for an ICE train before 14 April how they can still obtain a free seat reservation with their ticket.

Future developments

DB and NS are working together to improve services. From the end of next year, the first new ICE3-neo trains will run on the Frankfurt/Basel route. From then on, it will be easier to make trains longer and possibly run more frequently.

Plenty of work to do

Engineering works in Germany... what exactly is happening? And how will it affect my trip? Can I still book?