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  • Travel quickly and comfortably to Belgium and France
  • In just 3.18 hrs to Paris
  • Daily 14 connections to Brussels and 10 connections to Paris
  • Reserved seats
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Tip: we advise you to book your tickets from a station near you. This way, you get the cheapest tickets for your trip from the station you board to Amsterdam, Schiphol or Rotterdam. That route has a maximum price of € 15 in first class and € 9 in second class. This way you also only have to check in once and you will receive travel updates about the entire route.

Thalys schedule

Thalys is the high-speed train for daily connections to the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In the summer you can travel with Sun-Thalyss directly to the South of France and Thalys will bring you to several ski destinations in the French Alps. Thalys runs directly on weekends to Charles de Gaulle Airport and Disneyland Paris. On the way you can work and relax; your vacation will begin on board the train!

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Disneyland Paris

All Disney idols are even more accessible. You don't need to transfer to Brussels or Paris, but you travel directly to Disneyland Paris. Thalys runs to Disney twice a day in just 3.50 hours!

To the South of France with Sun-Thalys

Every Saturday in July and August, Sun-Thalys runs directly from Amsterdam Central Station to ValenceAvignonAix-en-Provence and Marseille. From these four end stations you can easily travel on to the beautiful Alps region or well-known coastal towns in the South of France.

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Thalys to Paris

Thalys runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol and Rotterdam to Paris 10 times a day.

Route Travel times Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Paris 3.18 hours 0 Content Content
Utrecht - Paris 3.38 hours 1 Content Content
Eindhoven - Paris 3.51 hours 1 Content Content
The Hague - Paris 3.06 hours 1 Content Content
Breda - Paris 2.56 hours 1 Content Content
Schiphol - Paris 3.02 hours 0 Content Content
Rotterdam - Paris 2.37 hours 0 Content Content
Brussels - Paris 1.26 hours 0 Content Content

For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

Thalys to Brussels

Thalys runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol and Rotterdam to Brussel 14 times a day.

Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Brussels 1.53 0 Content Content
Schiphol - Brussels 1.34 0 Content Content
Rotterdam - Brussels 1.10 0 Content Content
Breda - Brussels 1.26 1 Content Content
Antwerp - Brussels 0.34 0 Content Content
Paris - Brussels 1.26 0 Content Content
London - Brussels 2.08 0 Content Content
Eindhoven - Brussels 2.24 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Brussels 2.05 1 Content Content
The Hague - Brussels 1.39 1 Content Content

For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

Tickets issued from or to Brussels-South-Midi are also valid in the regular trains from or to the stations in the Brussels zone. nWhich stations belong to Brussels zone?

Thalys to Antwerp

Thalys runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol and Rotterdam to Antwerp 14 times a day.

To ski destination with Thalys

In the winter months Thalys will bring you directly to Chambéry, Albertville, Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne, Landry and Bourg-St-Maurice. From these stations bus transfers will depart to different skiing villages. View the overview of all the ski destinations for the options or read more about Thalys to the Alps.

Thalys prices

With NS International you can travel from € 35 to Paris. Your ticket is also your seat reservation. The sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket. You can already book 4 months in advance. Check Thalys offers

The price depends on

Do you want to and can you book far in advance? Then choose the ticket with the lowest fare. The best rate for the price-conscious travellers. Please note: you will not be able to cancel or rebook the ticket. If you want more flexibility, choose another rate.

General tips for getting the cheapest tickets

  • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
  • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
  • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
  • Book online to avoid booking fee.

Tips to get the best rates

Thalys tickets

Thalys offers different fare types for your journey. You can choose from the following fare types:

  • Standard
  • Comfort
  • Premium

More information about Thalys rates

Standard Comfort Premium
Available in 2nd class ok not ok not ok
Available in 1st class not ok ok ok
Possibility to change No charge 7 or more days prior to departure € 15 6 or less days before departure No charge 7 or more days prior to departure € 15 6 or less days before departure No charge until 1 hour after the train’s departure
Refund No charge 7 or more days prior to departure No charge 7 or more days prior to departure No charge until 1 hour after the train’s departure
Presale period 4 months 4 months 4 months
Availability sufficient sufficient plenty
Prices Paris € 35 - € 149 € 75 - € 169 € 150 - € 220
Services Thalys Welcome bar, free Wi-Fi Comfortable seat, Thalys Welcome Bar, fast free Wi-Fi Comfortable seat, catering at your seat, fast free Wi-Fi, newspapers, catering, access to the Thalys lounges
Seat reservation ok ok ok

Buy your ticket with My Thalys World and Frequent Pass at NS International

Do you have a My ThalysWorld or a Frequent Pass subscription? Via NS International you can purchase all Thalys tickets with a high discount of up to 50% for flexible conditions. When booking your ticket please select My Thalys World or Frequent Pass and the discount will automatically be applied. If you create an account in My NSI and add your card it will link it to your trip with Thalys. This way you save points which can be exchanged for gifts.
Read more about My Thalys World

Travelling with children

What are the prices for travelling with children? Is it possible to bring the baby buggy? Can the children walk around and play?Read the practical information about travelling with children for a care-free journey.

Classes in Thalys

Thalys has 3 service levels: Standard (2nd class) and Comfort and Premium (1st class). In Premium you can profit from extra advantages like free catering at your seat.Compare the advantages and rates

Travel in comfort in 1st class

Experience the advantages of travelling in 1st class (Comfort and Premium) with Thalys. While travelling in Premium class you will get catering at your seat and comfortable seats.

  • More leg room
  • Wide seats
  • Catering at your seat (welcome drink, snack or main meal*) (Premium)
  • Electrical outlet at your seat
  • A selection of (international) newspapers (Premium)
  • Option to make taxi reservations in Paris and Brussels (Premium)
  • Admittance to Thalys Lounges (Premium)
* Depending on the departure times of the trains, a snack or main meal will be served between Amsterdam and Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels or between Brussels and Paris. There is no catering between Antwerp and Rotterdam.
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On board Thalys

Locating your carriage

Your carriage number is written on your ticket. On the platforms you will find posters with information about the train set-up which will indicate where you can best wait for your carriage. On the Thalys trains, the carriage numbers are located next to the exterior doors. So, finding your carriage will be easy. In the carriage, seat numbers are clearly marked above the seats. More information about finding your seat oMore information about finding your seat on Thalys

Travelling in Thalys offers you comfort with free Wi-Fi in all Thalys trains, both for Standard, Comfort and Premium.

Catering Thalys

In the bar/buffet carriage, you can order coffee, tea or another beverage, and sandwiches, salads and hot or cold snacks. You can pay cash or, for orders of € 10.00 or more, with a credit card.

Electrical outlets

There are electrical outlets in the 1st and 2nd class (Comfort 1 and Comfort 2) next to your chair. You can use and charge your electronic devices during your trip.

Luggage in Thalys

With your Thalys ticket you may not bring more than:

  • 2 items of luggage with dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

For security reasons it is prohibited to block the aisles and doors of the train with luggage or to secure them (with rope or locks) to the train.

When travelling with a child you may bring a stroller on board for free beside the above-mentioned items. The stroller must be folded before entering the train and be stowed in one of the luggage spaces in the carriage where you are seated.
More information about luggage in Thalys

Bringing bicycles on board

Bicycles on board Thalys are only permitted if they are packed in a bicycle case (135 x 85 x 30 cm). In order for it to fit, you'll need to dismantle the front and back wheel.

Folding bicycle

Folded folding bicycles are considered carry-on luggage as long as they are no larger than the size of a suitcase, namely 75 x 53 x 30 cm.

Please note:
  • You'll need to be at the platform 30 minutes before departure in order to have enough time to dismantle your bicycle.
  • If your bike doesn't comply with these conditions, you'll not be able to take it on board.

Travellers with impaired mobility

  • In Premium class there is space especially for passengers in a wheelchair. There is a special reduced ticket price for this space and one person may accompany you for the same reduced rate. You will have to make a special reservation. The accompanying passenger needs a Guide Pass. (030-2300023).
  • The width of the door leading to this carriage is 70 cm. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters may be taken on board as long as they are not wider than 70cm. You will have to make a special reservation (030-2300023).
  • The reduced ticket price is not valid for passengers who are blind or poor-sighted. A guide dog may board the train, free of charge.

Bringing pets on board

Small dogs or other pets may travel for free when:

  • they are carried in a basket or bag no larger than 55x30x30 cm
  • weigh less than 6 kg.

These need to be such that the animal does not disturb other passengers. Guide dogs may also travel for free.

Large pets

Other dogs are only permitted in the carriage if they are kept on your lap or on a leash and wearing a muzzle and form no disturbance to the other passengers. If a passenger complains about the presence of a dog or other pet, the Train Manager may ask the pet owner to move to another part of the train. Tickets for dogs can be purchased from the Train Manager on board, for € 30, one-way trip.

Note: Pets are not permitted on Sun and Ski Thalys services, with the exception of guide dogs. Papers indicating that your dog is indeed a guide dog must be taken along so that they can be shown if requested.

Ruby, Thalys' new train set

Thalys' revamped train set offers more seats, comfort and is now even more sustainable.

Going on holiday by train with kids

There's no greater pleasure for children than travelling by train! You have more freedom of movement than in a car.

10 FAQ about Thalys to Paris