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What routes does Thalys run? How fast does the train go? Read the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Thalys.... and the answers!

1. Wat is Thalys?

Thalys is the high-speed train between the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It is a luxurious, comfortable train that will take you quickly to the heart of the city. Thalys will take you to Paris in just 3.18 hour.

2. What routes does Thalys run?

Thalys to Brussels and Paris departs from Amsterdam and calls at Schiphol, Rotterdam and Antwerp. The train also runs directly from Amsterdam to Disneyland Paris and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. In the winter the train travels on Saturdays to the French Alps and in the summer to Marseille. From Brussels, Thalys also goes to Bordeaux, Cologne and Dortmund. Find out more about the Thalys route and timetable

3. How often does Thalys travel to Paris?

Thalys runs 10 times a day to Paris and twice a day directly from Amsterdam to Disneyland Paris and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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4. What does the inside of Thalys look like?

Thalys has three classes: Standard (2nd class), Comfort and Premium (1st class). The train has eight carriages and in the middle of the train you will find the Thalys Welcome bar. The train has a total of 377 seats, of which 257 in 2nd class and 120 in 1st class.
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5. What kinds of facilities does Thalys have?

The train has comfortable seats with a power outlet next to it. There is free wifi throughout the train. In 1st class there is faster wifi and the seats are larger. Each coach has a toilet and there is room for changing a baby. The bar offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks. You can also order biscuits, wraps and sandwiches.
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6. How fast does Thalys run?

On several stretches between Amsterdam and Paris, Thalys runs 300 km/h! Between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, and between Antwerp and Brussels the train travels with a speed of 160 km/h.

7. How much does a Thalys ticket to Paris cost?

Thalys ticket prices depend on the time of booking, the class and the degree of flexibility. Booking: the earlier you book, the lower the price. The tickets can be booked 4 months before the travel date. Class: 2nd class (Standard) has the lowest price. There are two service levels in 1st class: Comfort is the cheaper, Premium costs more, in this class they will come by with warm and cold drinks, snacks, and meals. Flexibility: You cannot cancel or change the cheapest tickets. Are you not sure about your trip and do you not have cancellation insurance? Then you can buy a flexible ticket; you pay more, but will be able to cancel or change it.

The cheapest ticket from Amsterdam to Paris costs € 35. This ticket is for sale about 4 months before departure. If you want to leave tomorrow you will probably pay € 135.
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    8. When are there promotions for Thalys tickets?

    There are often promotions for Thalys tickets to Paris or Disneyland Paris. Subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be the first one to know!
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    9. Do I have to reserve a seat separately?

    No, the ticket for Thalys includes a seat reservation.

    10. What is My Thalys World?

    My Thalys World is a loyalty programme that allows you to earn points by travelling. Points can be exchanged for tickets and gifts. But My Thalys World offers more advantages such as the use of Thalys Lounges. When booking Thalys tickets on our website, you can enter the card number so that points can be credited.
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