Return from € 94


  • 4 times a day directly to London
  • From € 94 return with Eurostar to London
  • Reserved seat
  • Travel comfortable and relaxed
  • Arrive in the heart of London
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Schedule Eurostar

There is a superfast direct Eurostar connection from Amsterdam to London St Pancras International 4 times a day.

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Eurostar takes you from Amsterdam to London St Pancras International in 4.13 hrs, without changing trains. From Rotterdam the travel time is only 3.28 hrs.


The check-in opens 90 mins before departure. Your ticket/fare determines how long in advance you should check in, this is stated at the top of your Eurostar ticket. Business Premier (1st class): no later than 15 minutes before departure from Brussels/Paris/London and no later than 20 minutes before departure from Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Lille. Standard Premier (1st class) and Standard (2nd class): no later than 30 minutes before departure at all stations.

  • You can travel from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London directly, without changing trains.
  • Travelling with a stopover in Brussels is still possible

All about check-in Eurostar at Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Eurostar London en Paris

Do you want to combine a visit to London with Paris? There is a direct Eurostar connection between Paris and London almost every hour. So you can travel between the two capital cities quickly and easily.

Eurostar prices

A return tickets is cheaper than 2 one-way tickets. The price for a return ticket starts from € 94. Your seat reservation is included in the price. The sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket.

The price depends on

Per class you pay:

Direct connection Amsterdam - London and v.v.

Class Price return tickets (from-to) Header Header Header
Standard € 94 - € 411 Content Content Content
Standard Premier € 191 - € 457  Content Content Content
Business Premier € 598  Content Content Content

Connection with 1 transfer - in combination with Intercity Brussels

Class Price one-way (from-to) Header Header Header
Standard € 82 - € 220 Content Content Content
Standard Premier € 99,50 - € 274 Content Content Content
Business Premier € 360  Content Content Content

Eurostar tickets

Eurostar has several classes and associated ticket terms and conditions. Check out the possibilities below.

Standard Standard Premier Business Premier
Change booking Without costs until 7 days for departure + price difference. Within 13 day for departure € 30 per person per one-way ticket + price difference. Without costs until 14 days for departure + price difference. Within 7 days for departure € 40 per person per one-way ticket + price difference. Until departure of the train, free of charge
Cancel booking No refund possible No refund possible Until departure of the train, free of charge

View Eurostar rates

Pre-sale period and seat reservations

Tickets for Eurostar can be booked for a travel date up to 335 days ahaed. For the time being, this only applies to boarding stations Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The sooner you book, the lower the price. Your tickets are also your seat reservations: you are therefore guarenteed a seat.

Tickets for the conncection Intercity Brussels-Eurostar, with transfer in Brussels-South/Midi, can be booked 6 months before departure.

Classes in Eurostar

When travelling with Eurostar to and from London, you can choose 3 travel classes: Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Travelling with Eurostar to final destination Brussels? Then you can only travel with Standard or Standard Premier.

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Standard Standard Premier Business Premier
✓ Check-in to 30 minutes before departur ✓ Check-in to 30 minutes before departur ✓ Extra fast check-in: 20 minutes before departure in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and 15 minutes before departure in London St. Pancras
✓ In the bar carriage, Café Métropole you can purchase a snack, drinks and meal ✓ A light meal and drinks are served at your seat* ✓ Delicious meal adjusted to the time of day and created by star chef Raymond Blanc*
✓ Changing your ticket is possible, you will to need to pay a fee ✓ Changing your ticket is possible, you will to need to pay a fee ✓ Total flexibility to travel when you want to
✓ Lots of leg room and comfortable seats ✓ Lots of leg room and comfortable seats
✓ Free magazines ✓ Free magazines
✓ Free and unlimited ticket change and cancelation is free of charge
✓ Access to the exclusive Business Premier lounges of Eurostar

Acces to the lounge

Travelers with the Standard and Business Premier fare and/ or Loyaltycard Railteam partner (including NS Business Card) have access to the NS International Lounge. You have access to the lounge in the Eurostar terminals in Brussels South and London St. Pancras International with Business Premier and/ or Loyaltycard Railteam partner (including NS Business Card).

The lounge is equipped with everything you need: drinks, snacks, comfortable chairs, free WiFi, computers and phone chargers.

On board of Eurostar

Locating your carriage

Your carriage and seat numbers are printed on your ticket. On the platform a train composition poster or digital screen indicates where you can wait to get into the right carriage. Next to the Eurostar doors the carriage numbers are indicated, so you can always easily find your carriage. In the coach, the seat numbers are clearly indicated on the rim above the seats.

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Electronic outlets

All seats have both European and British outlets. Seats in Standard and Business Premier class also have USB outlets.


Besides the luggage permitted to take on board of Eurostar (maximum of 2 medium-sized suitcases of maximum dimension 85cm, and 1 piece of carry-on luggage) it is possible to transport extra luggage with Eurostar. More information about restricted items can be found at

Luggage offices
  • Brussel Zuid, office 'Bagage', this is located between the Eurostar check-in spot and the Travel Centre, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +32 22 24 88 62.
  • London St. Pancras, Euro Dispatch Centre, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +44 8705 850 850.
  • Paris Nord, Sernam, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +33 1 48 74 14 80.
Collecting Luggage

At the arrival station, luggage can be collected within 24 hours. The cost (to be paid in local currency) are:

  • Suitcases, briefcases and other items of less than 30 kilo: € 20
  • Large-sized luggage: Bicycles (tandems are not permitted), large musical instruments: € 30
Luggage lost or forgotten?

If you have accidentally left your luggage on a Eurostar train, you can call the following number for information: +32 2 22 48 701.

Bringing bicycles on board Eurostar

Due to corona travel restrictions, you can't bring your bike on the train. You can only bring a folding bike or children's bike on board as long as it is no longer than 85cm in length and it's carried in a protective bag which covers the whole bike.

Travellers with children

What does it cost to travel with children? Can I bring a stroller on board? May children walk about and play? For a worry-free trip, read all the practical information about travelling with children

Travellers with impaired mobility

In first class there are two spaces especially for passengers in a wheelchair. There is a special reduced ticket price for this space and one person may accompany you for the same reduced rate. Travellers with a mobility scooter may transport it free of charge on the Eurostar in the luggage compartment.

  • Mobility scooter and/or wheelchair may not be longer than 100 cm or wider than 70 cm
  • Scooters that run on fuel are not permitted.
  • Register your trip with mobility scooter at EuroDespatch via tel.: 0044 344 822 5 822 (open daily from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs).
  • The reduced ticket price is not valid for visually impaired passengers.
  • No special fare applies to persons accompanying visually impaired passengers.
  • There is a special fare for the companion of a mobility-impaired passenger.
  • Assistance and guide dogs are allowed.

Bringing pets on board

Pets are not permitted. However, assistance and guide dogs are allowed.


For every class, Eurostar has its own catering offer:

  • and menus can be ordered up to 24 hours ahead. For special dietary needs like gluten free, diabetic etc you must order at least 48 hours ahead.
  • In the class you can enjoy a menu of top-quality, created in collaboration with well-known star chef Raymond Blanc. The ingredients of the meal are sustainably grown seasonal products. Breakfast is served in the trains that depart before 11.00 hrs. That means croissants, sandwiches and pastry and a choice between a warm breakfast or cold meats, yoghurt and fruit. Warm or cold drinks are served at your seat. You can enjoy as much Lavazza coffee as you like. Lunch and dinner are three course meals; you can choose between a warm of cold main meal. In the afternoon trains from London you can enjoy afternoon tea and to London you will get a café gourmand, with different cakes en warm and cold dishes. There is a large selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages that are served at your seat. And for those who have something to celebrate: there is, of course, champagne!
  • : You can get a delicious, light meal served at your seat, adjusted to the time of day. Breakfast is served before 11 hrs: croissants, sandwiches, pastry, yoghurt, fruit juice, tea or coffee with which to start your day off well. The rest of the day you can choose between two main meals plus a dessert with soft drinks, wine or beer plus tea or coffee. For children, you can choose a kid’s meal. Children’s and vegetarian menus can be ordered up to 24 hrs ahead.
  • When travelling in , you can purchase warm drinks, soft drinks, snacks, meals and a sweet snack at Café Métropole, our bar carriage. You are permitted to bring your own food and drinks on board.
* Only route Brussels - London and vice versa On the route Amsterdam - Brussels and vice versa, a snack and a drink are served.