Travel with the most beautiful view

Travel in Europe by train. How else?

For a holiday in Europe, you might think of taking the car or a plane. But did you know that travelling by train is not only more sustainable and comfortable, but also a lot more beautiful? And all you have to do is sit back and watch the most beautiful sights pass you by: the hilly landscapes of France, the impressive forests of Germany and the snowy peaks of Switzerland.
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Advantages of travelling by train

With 200,000 kilometres of track, the whole of Europe will pass by your train window. So why not travel by train to your European destination? If you book your train tickets in advance, you will also travel at a lower price. Because when it comes to train travel, early booking pays off.

  • Board easily without hassle
  • Enjoy a spacious seating area
  • Whiz past traffic jams
  • Arrive in the heart of the city
  • Travel comfortably and sustainably

Travel within Europe by train! How else?

Our tips for your train trip

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