Kris in Scandinavia

“So far, I like Scandinavia very much, but the accessibility in the train with a wheelchair could really be improved upon," says Kris, who, last month, started a one-year European tour by train.
"Travelling demands a lot from me, both physically and mentally, but I hope that, together with NS International, I can see how we can make it easier for future travellers. And more importantly: I get to experience so many nice things that it's absolutely worth it!"
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Cruising on a scooter

“Today, I'm completing my first Interrail card," Kris says from a Swedish train. "After the first two days of travelling, I spent some time in Denmark. Then I went up from southern Sweden to Oslo, Bergen and today to Stockholm. I sleep alternately in hostels and in people's homes. Before I left, I placed a call in the Facebook group Europe Accessible.
"I didn't expect much from it, but I got all kinds of good tips for places to stay and have already met many nice people. Thanks to them, I have, for example, been able to ride a snowmobile, eat Norwegian food in the snow and get to know all kinds of local traditions."

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Organising assistance is difficult

"The most beautiful train ride was from Oslo to Bergen. Before my departure, I looked at special train routes and the so-called Bergensbanen often came up. Now, I understand why. The whole journey is one big winter wonderland. For seven hours, I looked out of the window with a smile on my face.
"Something that makes me smile a little less is organising travel assistance. In Denmark, it went well, but in Sweden and Norway, it's extremely difficult to organise a lift for my wheelchair. Sometimes, I spend up to seven hours trying to organise it. You listen to telephone selection menu that you don't understand, or the railway doesn't know whether they're allowed to help a tourist, or they just cancel on you.
"That takes a lot out of me, but I hope that I can make travelling easier for others by sharing my experiences. I want to collect the right contact details and tips on a special page on the NS International site, so that others will have fewer problems in the future."

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I hope to see the northern lights

"The next few weeks will also be very special. I will be in Stockholm for a few days. I'm really looking forward to that.
"After a week, I will leave on a night boat for Helsinki for some exciting travel. I'm going to take several night trains to Lapland and once there, I'm going to take a sleigh ride and I'll hopefully get to see the northern lights.
“It's going to be quite cold, so that's suspenseful, but fortunately I already know that they're better organised there for people travelling by wheelchair!"

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Kris goes travelling for a year

I want to turn all the restrictions I have into opportunities,' says Kris. She is going to make a year-long train journey.

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