Kris leaves for a year-long train journey

"I want to turn all the restrictions I have into opportunities," says Kris. This week she left Amersfoort station to go to Denmark for a one-year train journey.
Kris is 23 years old, lives in Maarsen and will be travelling around Europe for a year in her electric wheelchair.

Preparing for the trip

“I've been super busy lately, making preparations. That's logical if you're going to travel for a year, but in my case there are a few extra things to consider.

"I've found out exactly how train assistance works in the countries I'm going to visit, and I've checked which hostels are easily accessible by wheelchair. I've also not only had to pack a bag, but also prepare the wheelchair itself.

"I had the wheels moved back a bit and an extra bar fitted so I can have my backpack on the back. It's an electric scooter, so, I not only carry extra inner tubes, but also an extra battery."

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Christmas in Scandinavia

"Scandinavia in the snow is not the easiest destination when you're in a wheelchair, but I would love to be there at Christmas and go snowmobiling in Lapland. I'm especially looking forward to being free and enjoying what I’m able to do!

"The next few weeks, it'll be a matter of putting on lots of layers and lots of thermal clothing. At the time of year when I'm Lapland, temperatures can be as low as -30 Celsius."

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"I think I'm going to enjoy my freedom immensely! When I was a teenager, I didn't go to school, but only had treatments and hospitalisations. After years, it turned out that I have the connective tissue disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Among other things, this causes the ligaments around my joints to weaken. So, I have to make this trip while I'm still able to.

"I want to return home from Scandinavia, via Eastern and Southern Europe, in a year. How I do it may be unusual, but I'm sure it will turn out fine!"

Kris in Hamburg

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