Measures crowded trains Intercity Brussels-Amsterdam

13 June 2023
Train travel is more popular than ever. Thanks to the growing need to travel sustainably, crowds on trains are also increasing. But capacity is not growing at the same rate, which is why it is often crowded on board during the peak of summer. We are taking measures this summer to distribute the available capacity as fairly as possible and manage the crowds on trains crossing the border.
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To and from Belgium

Summer crowding on the Intercity Brussels requires a different approach this summer. Last summer and also this spring, the Intercity Brussels-Amsterdam trains to Belgium are very busy. To manage these crowds, we are taking several measures together with the Belgian Railways, SNCB. One of the measures is the adjustment of the Early Bird ticket conditions.

When you buy a cheap ticket at the Early Bird fare, you choose a specific train. You can then use your ticket to travel only on your chosen train. If you want to travel flexibly, you can choose the full-flex fare. With that ticket, you may travel on any Intercity Brussels train on your chosen day. For the Intercity Brussels-Amsterdam there is no seat reservation, but it does make it possible for travelers to take only the trains for which a ticket was purchased. Until now, they could take any train to and from Brussels.

This measure makes train occupancy more predictable and ensures that passengers to and from Brussels maintain adequate comfort at all times. In the event of disruptions or cancellations, the traveler with an Early Bird ticket may, of course, continue the journey on the next train, the tie to a specific train then expires.

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More and new trains

For the Intercity Brussels, which is part of the concession of the main rail network, advice has been requested from the cooperating consumer organizations in the LOCOV. The ultimate solution is, of course, the deployment of more and new trains in all directions. However, these will not happen overnight. However, we are working with partners on a substantial expansion.

For example, after 2024, the Intercity New Generation (ICNG) will be used as Intercity Brussels and new ICE 3neo trains will be introduced on the route to Frankfurt.

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