Measures ICE International summer 2024

Travelling with a reliable timetable

This year, in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, we are taking steps to enhance the service of ICE trains for the upcoming summer. We are adjusting the schedule and implementing several other measures. We believe these efforts will contribute to a pleasant travel experience for all our passengers.
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What measures are being taken?

Measures to prevent overcrowded trains

  1. Seat reservation will be compulsory for your international journey from June 1, 2024, to September 1, 2024. For ICE trains during this period, you will automatically and free of charge receive the compulsory seat reservation with your ticket.

  2. Flexpreis ticket sales will be closed. Flexible ticket sales will also be closed if necessary when the maximum number of seats are reserved.
  3. Train removed from domestic planner. The ICE is also used as a domestic train from Amsterdam via Utrecht to Arnhem. This will still be possible, but by not showing the train in the planner, the number of passengers is expected to decrease.

New traines

Starting June 15, 2024, the new ICE 3 Neo trains will operate on the route between Amsterdam and Cologne/Frankfurt. These brand-new trains feature the most modern interiors, improved air conditioning systems, and the latest software. With the new ICE 3 Neo, we bring you to your destination with the highest level of comfort.

Travelling to Basel with ICE

ICE 105 (or ICE 255) to Basel will temporarily not run direct. If you are travelling to Basel, you can change trains at Frankfurt Flughafen on the other side of the platform to ICE 105 to Basel SBB. This will not result in any additional travel time. This also applies to the route from Basel to the Netherlands.

Engineering works on the track

In the summer, a lot of work will be done to the tracks as well. ICE will sometimes take a detour via Venlo or via part of the Betuwe route. Intercity Berlin will make a detour via Münster during a certain period.

Most of the engineering works have been incorporated into the itinerart planner and booking systeem. On the page Plenty of maintenance work in Germany, Erik Leddy explains the effects of engineering works in Germany this summer.

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Travel with ICE International summer 2023

During the peak summer period, international travelers on the ICE must also have a seat reservation.

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