Kennisbank BraiNS

BrainNS database

BraiNS is well-structured and user-friendly. All items have the same logical structure with links to other relevant pages. BraiNS also has a good search engine and offers the possibility to filter with the top 6 trains; Intercity Brussels, Intercity Berlin, ICE, Thalys, Eurostar and TGV.

You can select knowledge items, which you consult frequently, as favourites. You do this by clicking on the heart, which can be found at the lower right corner of all pages. This way you will always find your favourites quickly and easily. You can also subscribe to articles you use frequently or find particularly interesting. If something changes, you will immediately receive an email.

How does BraiNS work?

Want to get to work quickly? Have a look at this Dutch film which is not even 2 minutes long. If this information was given too quickly, you can download the instruction below and read how BraiNS works and what it has to offer.

Download the short manual (Dutch)


Add the BraiNS link ( to your favourites.

Log in to BraiNS

To get access to BraiNS you need a password. Have you not yet requested a login? Then read on quickly.

As an agent, you can choose for a personal login or for a group login (per office/department). The password is valid for 60 days. After this period, you will receive a message to change your password. If you choose for a group login, you will have to keep the following in mind:

  • If articles are marked as favourites and subscriptions are set, this applies to everybody.
  • If only one person in the group has read a message, it will be checked off. So, everyone has to make sure for themselves that they have read all the news.
  • If you change a password, you need to notify all your colleagues.

What do we need from you

To create a personal login, we need your first and last name and your work email address. If you choose to create a group login, please enter the name of your travel organisation/office and the general email address. The name you enter will become your username during login.

Email your request to Within one working day, you will receive an email with an explanation on how to retrieve your username and password.