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Due to the great popularity, we have a number of new Train & Hotel deals for you.

Direct Eurostar to London

From April 30 lightning fast to London without a transfer.!

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Travelling time becomes quality time

What would you do if you had no direct obligations for more than three hours on your way to a destination? Business passengers want to make the best use of their time.

Types of fares for Thalys

Thalys has three types of rates: Standard, Comfort and Premium.

Direct connection Thalys to Disney

Since 31 March, Thalys runs directly to Disneyland® Paris.

Fast forward to Frankfurt

Travel relaxed and comfortable to Frankfurt with ICE International.

Lounging at the station?

The NS International Lounges – Regus provides a nice start of an (international) train journey.

BraiNS database

BraiNS is an NS International database. BraiNS: well-structured and user-friendly