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To London after Brexit

Even after Brexit, you will still be able to travel quickly, comfortably and directly to and from London. However, things will change for EU citizens.

Nightjet from Amsterdam to Innsbruck and Vienna

Since May, 25 you can also travel to and from Amsterdam with Nightjet.

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Check-in direct Eurostar

The direct Eurostar departs from the Eurostar Departures Terminal in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Direct Eurostar to London

Every day lightning fast with Eurostar from Amsterdam to London.

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Types of fares for Thalys

Thalys has three types of rates: Standard, Comfort and Premium.

Travelling time becomes quality time

What would you do if you had no direct obligations for more than three hours on your way to a destination? Business passengers want to make the best use of their time.

Fast forward to Frankfurt

Travel relaxed and comfortable to Frankfurt with ICE International.

Lounging at the station?

The NS International Lounges – Regus provides a nice start of an (international) train journey.

BraiNS database

BraiNS is an NS International database. BraiNS: well-structured and user-friendly