Cancelling tickets according to tariff conditions is done in the booking systems. In general, this is possible up to the starting date of the ticket and with Thalys, Eurostar and TGV in some cases even up to 2 months after departure (only via @lantis). In so doing, you will quickly receive the refund sum on your monthly invoice.

Please use the online refund form in the following cases:

  • Tickets cannot be cancelled in the sales system (at the latest 1 month after departure)
  • Money back for unused tickets cannot be requested because the traveller did not travel due to cancellation/delay of the trip

Refund form

Please note: If you see the following text after clicking 'Send', the request has been sent: 'Thank you for your question or comment. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.'

Do you have questions about the refund form? Then please consult Instructions: Online refund process for agents in BraiNS.

When do you send the form?

When requesting a refund, please always take the following deadlines into account (also in case of not travelling due to calamities). You can only send the form once these deadlines have lapsed.

Trains Refund is possible
Travel to Belgium and Luxembourg After 2 days
Travel to Germany After 7 days

More information about cancelling

Consult BraiNS for more information on cancelling tickets in the reservation systems @lantis and RailAgent.

A manual and complete information on the administrative process can be found in BraiNS under the header “Work Instructions for agents”.