Handy tools

With these handy tools, you can be of even better service to your customers.

  • Business brochure international trains
  • BraiNS the online database
  • Handy map
  • NS Merkplaats

Information sheets

With the product information on all international trains in the business brochure, we would like to support you in advising your customers. The modular brochure provides useful information about all trains, destinations and other services. The information in these sheets is general and pre-Corona. The current information can be found elsewhere on this site. After Corona we will adjust this information where necessary.

    Download brochure

    We would like to contribute to a sustainable world, which is why we offer a digital version of the brochure.

    BraiNS, the online database

    In BraiNS, you will find all the information you need to buy international train tickets from the Netherlands. BraiNS is well-organised and user-friendly. All items have the same logical structure with links to other relevant pages. BraiNS also has a good search engine and offers the possibility to filter on the Top 6 trains; Interciyt Brussels, Intercity Berlin, ICE Internaional, Thalys, Eurostar and TGV.Read more about BrainNS

    NS Merkplaats

    At NS Merkplaats, you will find an image database with photos and logos, information about the NS brand and the corporate identity. In addition to guidelines, NS Merkplaats mainly offers inspiration and tools to shape communication in the right way. To make use of NS Merkplaats, we ask that you give us a motivation.
    Send us an email if you are interested.